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The Best Salmon For Grilling

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This recipe for grilled salmon doesnt call for fancy marinades or mercurial methods. All thats needed is quality ingredients and a hot grill.

The main question is, which salmon is best?

I prefer wild-caught salmon because it has more flavor, but if youre dealing with eaters who are mild fish fans, a quality farm-raised salmon will have a more mellow flavor. Like any protein, higher fat fish yields a more buttery bite. Salmon caught in the wild have to work harder than farm-raised, so they tend to be leaner and more fish-like in taste.

How Long Does It Take To Smoke Salmon At 225

Smoke your salmon around 225 F / 110 C for about 90 minutes to 2 hours per pound. Watch the internal temperature. The salmon will be safe to eat when it reaches a temperature of 145 F / 65 C, but it is ideal to have it reach around 175 F / 80 C so that the salmon has time to absorb as much smoke flavor as possible.

Tips To Keep Salmon From Sticking To The Grill

  • Oiling the grates before cooking serves as a non-stick coating.
  • Don’t poke and prod at your fish until you see it browning and sizzling on the edges. That’s a good indicator that it’s ready to turn.
  • Try to use your spatula to lift the corner of the filet. If you’re met with resistance, give it another minute. The longer it sits skin-side down on the grates, the easier it will be to release.

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The Best Grill Temperature For Grilled Salmon

Grill the salmon on a 450°-500° F hot grill. The number one way to ensure success when grilling fish is a smoking hot grill. Cook for skin side down for about 6-8 minutes on hot grates to ensure the fish wont stick to the grates and will lift easily away once its done.

Oil the fish, not the grill. Contrary to popular belief, theres no need to oil the grill grates. Oiling the fish itself improves the chances of it releasing more easily from the grates to lookand tastebetter. Again, a neutral-flavored oil with a high smoke point like grape seed oil is a good one to choose.

How To Season Salmon:

How Long to Cook Salmon on a George Foreman Grill ...

There are many options for seasoning salmon to perfection! In this recipe, we use Italian seasoning and sea salt. A combination of garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika is also magnificent! Simply sprinkle your favorite seasonings liberally over the fish and youre good to go. Lemon pepper? Excellent option as well.

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Ingredients Youll Need For This Grilled Salmon:

I told you, this is a basics recipe so youll need minimal ingredients to make this salmon.

  • Salmon Fillet: I like to buy a salmon fillet with skin on and then cut my own portions but to make it easier you can buy them pre-cut. Either way make sure they have skin on.
  • Tasteless Oil: Oils that are tasteless and can handle high heat are key. Avocado oil is what I normally use but peanut oil, grapeseed oil or vegetable oil would do.
  • Salt & Pepper: These are must to anything you make.
  • Grilling Utensils: I love using my fish spatula or tongs to flip so I dont break the salmon up when I flip.

How Do I Know Salmon Is Done

Cooked salmon will always go from a vibrant pink color to more of an opaque color when done.Use an instant-read thermometer is key! If Ive told you once, Ive told you a thousand times. It takes the guess work out of is it done or not. This is the thermometer I use, it has a probe and build in USDA doneness temperatures for every protein, including fish. If you dont have that a simple eye test will work flaking the fish with a fork or the skin will pull away from the flesh as well.

Grilled fish is cooked when it is 145°F, but remember youre food will continue to cook once youve pulled it from the grill or oven. Transfer your salmon from the grill when it reaches 125°-130°F, then let it rest for a few minutes and serve! I love to top mine with a juice of fresh lemon juice to brighten up the fish.

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How Can I Tell When My Grilled Salmon Is Done Cooking

Salmon is done when the exterior is opaque and the interior is still a bit translucent. For fillets, this is about six minutes of total grill time, or an internal temperature of about 135°F in the thickest part. If you dont have a probe thermometer, use a paring knife to gently peek into the thickest part of the flesh.

If you plan to grill a bunch of fillets for meal prep and reheat them later, you can slightly undercook them, let them cool to room temperature, then store them in the fridge for up to four days. If youre serving your salmon straight from the grill, a squeeze of lemon and a side of grilled vegetables is the simplest, easiest way to serve grilled salmon.

When Do I Know My Salmon Is Ready To Come Off The Grill

How to Grill Salmon Fillets | Weber Grills

Your salmon steaks should be pink and somewhat translucent before you attempt to take them off the grill. You can also put a spatula underneath one steak and lift it slightly. Is it holding itself together well? If so, its a sign that its ready to come off. If the fish is still falling apart, then its probably not cooked enough yet.

Salmon will continue cooking for a few minutes after you pull it from the grill, just like steak does. Youll want to take it off the grill before its completely done to avoid cooking it too much. The final cooked temperature of salmon and other fish, according to the United States Department of Agriculture , is 145 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you should remove the grilled salmon when it reaches about 125-130-degrees. Allow it to rest for another five minutes before rechecking the temperature with a digital meat thermometer to see if it reaches 145 degrees.

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Salmon Steak Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Grilled Salmon Steak

Not sure how to grill salmon steaks without ruining them? Dont worry were going to walk you through the process of making salmon on the grill from start to finish. Its not as complicated as you might think, but knowing the best techniques will help you get that perfect grilled salmon look and flavor.

Grilling Salmon On A Gas Grill

Cooking salmon on a gas grill is absolutely the best choice. We all like a nice smoky flavor to our meat, but lets face it: over charcoal or wood, the flavor of the salmon is going to get overwhelmed, unless you use a marinade so strong that youre likely not tasting the fish anyway . Heres a basic rundown of what to do to get the most out of grilled salmon-

First off, you want to be sure of your fish. If you didnt catch the salmon yourself, you want to look for firm filets with deep color. They should look a little wet, and the cut edges should be smooth. Pale or ragged looking salmon is old salmon- move on. If you buy packaged fish, there shouldnt be any liquid visible Also, keep in mind that this is a mild fish. It wont smell all that strong if its fresh. Whole salmon should have bright red gills, clear eyes, and glossy skin.

Salmon is a skin-on fish. You wont have any trouble removing the skin after grilling if you dont want to eat it. This is recommended even for those who prefer the foil-packet method to avoid clean-up. Cooked salmon flakes easily, and the skin will keep your fish from crumbling apart during handling.

To check if your salmon is done, take a knife and pierce the thickest part of the meat. If its opaque and flakes easily when you tug a little, then its good to go. Salmon will cook a little after you remove it from the grill, so be careful not to overdo it or youll be serving up crispy fish-flakes.

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Getting The Salmon Ready

While the gas grill is being prepared, brush the salmon fillets with your favorite dry rub or marinade. While marinating the pieces, you need to be wary of the time. Marinating the salmon long enough causes the fillet to lose its firmness and flavor.

Before you start grilling, estimate the cooking time for each fillet, a fillet that is a half-inch thick requires about 4 minutes of cooking i.e. 2 minutes of cooking per side.

Moisture Is The Enemy

How Long to Cook Salmon on Gas Grill

Cover the salmon in paper towels to help remove excess moisture from the surface. If it’s not dry enough when it hits the grill, it will take more time to evaporate the water instead of instantly charring, which is what you want. I find that chill in the refrigerator when wrapped in paper towels keeps the fish together when cooking with more success than if at room temperature.

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Herbs And Spices That Pair Well With Grilled Salmon

Salmon has a flavor all its own thats intensified on the grill. Still, tossing on a few herbs and spices can never hurt! Like most meats, grilled salmon gets even more flavorful with a little black pepper and salt added to both sides. Minced fresh ginger and garlic are also delicious choices depending on your recipe.

What other tasty additions can you sprinkle on salmon before you cook it? Try:

  • Lemon pepper

How To Grill Stuffed Salmon

  • How to Cook Mackerel in an Oven
  • Salmon is a form of seafood that does well on a grill, and stuffing salmon fillets with your favorite ingredients can make the dish distinctive. Salmon is a heart-healthy food that will increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet and help prevent chronic disease, according to Once you select the filling you want and stuff your salmon steaks, slap on them on the grill to finish the job.

    Preheat the grill to medium.

    Tear off a 12-inch sheet of aluminum foil. Fold the sheet in half to create a crease down the center. Prepare one foil sheet for each piece of salmon.

    Spray the inside of each sheet of foil with vegetable oil.

    Set your stuffed salmon steak inside the foil pouch and fold the top flap over the fish. Place the pouch on the grill for 40 to 50 minutes.

    Stick a meat thermometer into the thickest area of meat on the salmon. Remove the salmon from the grill once the temperature reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Why Does It Take That Long To Grill Salmon

    Patience is key when it comes to grilling salmon. The salmon must be kept for adequate time on the grill to ensure that it is cooked properly. The main ingredient for making a perfect grilled salmon.

    The spices used for the marination of the salmon should be authentic and natural to enhance its taste even more. While cooking on charcoal it is essential to keep an eye on the flame and make sure that the heat is constant and not fluctuating.

    The salmon if frozen should be allowed to defrost completely before beginning the process of grilling. This will ensure that the salmon is cooked perfectly and will enhance its taste further.

    It is better to remove the salmon from the grill when a person thinks it is done to make sure that it is not burnt. If the salmon is uncooked it is possible to put it back on the grill but if it is burnt, there is no way back.

    Why Make Grilled Salmon

    How to Grill Salmon~Easy Cooking

    When it comes to picking a protein, we know you have choices. You can make grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled pork, etc. But, grilled salmon trumps them all! Heres why:

    Quick: this grilled salmon recipe is ready in less than 30 minutes.

    Easy Prep: no fancy gadgets or ingredients are needed for this grilled salmon recipe.

    Healthy: salmon is high protein and packed with omega-3 fatty acids making it a healthy protein option.

    Best Leftovers: leftover salmon is so delicious. Try our yummy salmon patties to mix things up on day 2.

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    How To Make Grilled Salmon In Foil Easy And Perfect Every Time

    While you can grill salmon without foil, I find that the foil option is by far the easiest, most effective way to grill salmon.

    Using foil to make a packet around the salmon traps moisture. It ensures the salmon turns out perfectly tender and flaky, not dry.

    With the foil method, you also dont need to worry about the salmon falling apart or sticking to the grill.

    Avoid sad, stuck-on, dry salmon: use foil to grill!

    Heres how this recipe breaks down:

  • To Make the Best Grilled Salmon in Foil, Start by Selecting The Best Fish
    • Look for salmon that is bright pink in color, that smells fresh but not fishy, and, if possible, is wild caught.
    • For Grilled Salmon in Foil, I like to ask the seafood counter to remove the skin for me. Again, since the foil holds the fish together, so you dont need the skin to keep it from falling apart.
    • For more information on how to pick salmon, see this Spicy Baked Salmon. I go into more detail about the different types of salmon and which I recommend for various reasons.
  • Lay a Large Sheet of Foil on a Baking Sheet
  • Flavor Layer 1: Place Half of the Herbs and Citrus on the Foil
  • Arrange the Salmon on Top
  • Add Butter, Garlic, and Season
  • Flavor Layer 2: More Herbs. More Citrus.
    • Again, the stronger the herb, the less you will need.
  • Seal the Foil Packet and GRILL!
  • Important Points To Remember

    Remember, preparing the best grilled salmon is easier said than done. Slight carelessness can result in a salmon that is undercooked and not as good as the dish can be. Before you go about cooking a salmon, keep a few essential tips in mind.

    • Avoid overcooking the salmon
    • Frequent turning will tear the flesh
    • Dont forget to purchase salmon with its skin on

    Considering the factors mentioned above will help you in ensuring that the salmon is well-cooked and ready for consumption.

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    How To Tell Salmon Is Cooked

    • Digital Meat Thermometer: Using a Digital meat thermometer is a great way to remove some of the guesswork out of grilling salmon. Simply insert it into the thickest part of the salmon and one insert it halfway. If the thermometer reaches 140/145 you will be good. Remember the salmon will continue to cook for a little while after removing it from the grill.
    • Flakiness: You can also tell salmon is cooked if, at its thickest part, it is opaque and flakes easily!

    What Is The 10 Minute Rule For Cooking Fish

    The Simplest Way to Make Crispy

    Cook fish about 10 minutes per inch, turning it halfway through the cooking time. For example, a 1-inch fish steak should be cooked 5 minutes on each side for a total of 10 minutes. Pieces less than 1/2 inch thick do not have to be turned over.

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    How To Grill Salmon 101

    We have been making grilled salmon for years and I have been meaning to sit down and gather all that we have learned into one post for you guys! Here it is! Hope you find it helpful! Having grilled salmon for dinner is such a go-to for us. Our kids love it and I always make extra so we have leftovers. It can be used in salads, frittatas, etc.! So good for you and really so easy!

    What Fish Is Best On The Grill

    The Best Types of Fish for Grilling Salmon. Whether you cook it as a steak or a fillet, salmon can withstand the heat of the grill, keeping its distinct flavor and staying together. Swordfish. Swordfish is my favorite type of fish for grilling! Tuna. To me tuna is like steak of the seafood world. Snapper. Mahi Mahi.

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    Grilled Salmon In Aluminium Foil

    Grilling salmon in foil helps to protect the fish from the intense flames of the grill while still providing that charred grilled taste that you’re wanting. While you can use salmon rubs for grilling, the simplicity of fresh herbs and lemon lets the salmon speak for itself. Grilling salmon time will vary depending on the size of your salmon. Follow this video for step by step instructions for how to cook a whole salmon on the grill.

    There is no such thing as organic salmon, but if you’re looking for the healthiest and most flavorful whole salmon possible, look for a wild-caught variety from the cold Alaskan waters. Coho salmon is another excellent choice for grilling whole salmon.

    You’ll find many sites claiming to have the best recipe for grilling salmon, but there is no best way to cook salmon. A simple grilled salmon or a grilled salmon with dill and lemon will give you a moist and flakey fish.

    The trick for a perfect grilled salmon in aluminum foil is the salmon cooking temp and the salmon cooking time. Watching your grilled sockeye salmon as it cooks helps to ensure you don’t exceed your grilled salmon internal temperature.

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