How To Cook Beef Ribs On The Grill

How Long Does It Take Ribs To Cook On The Grill

How to BBQ Beef Ribs smoked on the Grill | Recipe

What is the approximate cooking time for ribs on the grill? Depending on the temperature of your grill, your ribs should be ready in between 112 to 2 hours total. Fork-tender ribs that arent falling off the bone are a good indication that theyre done you want them to be tender and readily punctured with a fork, but not fully falling off the bone.

Whats The Difference Between Beef Short Ribs And Beef Back Ribs

This question is asked often and its a simple one. Beef back ribs are cut from the upper portion of the rib near the spine. They have a slight curve to them and the meat from those ribs comes from between the bones, and its scarce. Its tasty for sure, there just isnt much of it.

This is because the ribeye steaks are cut from this area and butchers go to great lengths to yield as much meat for the steak as possible. Typically, the beef back ribs you find in the store are simply an afterthought and youre mostly paying for bone.

From a value perspective, Ive rarely seen beef back ribs priced at a point that make them worth it.

Beef short ribs on the other hand, are cut from the same rib, but further down on the steer. The meat on these ribs comes from the top of the bone and is usually plentiful. Im the type of guy that can put down some food, and one rib is enough to have me tapping out.

Theres quite a bit of connective tissue that needs to be broken down on the short rib, so for this rib recipe, plan on letting them go low and slow for several hours until the meat is probe tender.

That usually means an internal temperature of about 205 °F. Generally speaking, you can count on about 8 hours of cook time to get these tender. Ill say it again, its worth the wait.

What Temperature Do You Grill Short Ribs At

Place the beef ribs on the grill away from the embers and cook for 112 hours over indirect heat or until the internal temperature of the beef reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Ribs should be placed in the center of a doubled piece of aluminum foil with the meat side facing down, once the grill has been turned off.

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Ingredients For Delicious Smoked Beef Ribs

Heres the thing about smoking any meat you actually dont need hardly any ingredients! Some folks even say just meat, salt & black pepper! For these beef ribs, I used:

  • Beef Back Ribs back ribs are very meaty and great for the barbecue scroll down for more on the difference between back and short ribs
  • BBQ seasoning I always use Historic BBQ but you can use your favorite seasoning. I feel like every Traeger owner has their favorite spices & dry rub!
  • What about sauces? I prefer a dry rub rib but if you like sauce feel free to baste on for the last 30 minutes.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Ribs At 180


Place meat on baking sheets, sprinkle with seasoning, roast for fifteen minutes and serve. This recipe is a great way to use up leftover short rib meat. You can also use this recipe to make a delicious beef stew. For a more traditional beef dish, you could use the same recipe except for using beef chuck roast.

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Prepping And Marinating Beef Ribs For Grilling

Prepping any meat before grilling is essential to get the best results. Here is how you can prepare your beef ribs before grilling:

  • Remove the beef ribs from the packaging.
  • Wash and rinse it out well. You can soak it in some vinegar water for a while to clean and tenderize it simultaneously.
  • Drain the water, and if it is a full rack, you can cut it up into pieces if you choose to. .
  • Pat the ribs dry to remove excess water.
  • Rub your marinade well on one side of the ribs, then turn it over and rub the marinade on the other side.

In your marinade, acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, coke, etc., will help to tenderize your meat slightly quicker, making it soft and juicy.

That works incredibly well during grilling because the ribs can dry out quickly on an open flame .

How To Cook Beef Ribs On A Gas Grill

To cook your beef ribs on a gas grill, follow the above steps . The only difference is youll need to add wood for a smoky flavor , and its best to sear directly over the burners. We recommend wrapping your ribs in foil about half way through the cooking process.

If you want a smokier flavor, buy some wood pellets or chips and put them in a smoke box or foil pouch to infuse your beef ribs with smoky flavor. It wont be as flavorful as using a pellet grill, but youll still get good results.

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What Is The Time It Takes To Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

2 Make a charcoal fire with an indirect cooking technique like the snake. Fill a small aluminum pan halfway with water and place it on the void side of the grill. Place the ribs meat-side up on the grill grate when the charcoal grill reaches 250F and cook for 2 hours and 15 minutes over indirect heat.

How To Tell Your Beef Ribs Are Done


In this low and slow method, your beef ribs will take six to eight hours to cook. You may see the fleshy part start to loosen from the bone as they reach the end. Use your tongs to see how tender they are. You can also cut into the meat to make sure there is no pink remaining.

If your ribs are in a rack, you can twist the center rib. If it comes away from the meat easily, your ribs are ready.

What about a meat thermometer? Ribs are not the most practical cuts into which to try to insert a probe. Some areas are pretty thin. Temperature measurements near the bone do not tell you about meat in the center of the rib.

However, where meat thermometer placement may be tricky, toothpicks work like a charm. When ribs are ready, a toothpick should slide easily in and out of the flesh between the bones.

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What Is The Best Way To Tenderize Ribs Before Grilling Them

To achieve the best tenderness, ribs should be cooked gently. To help tenderize the meat, ribs are frequently cooked or oven-steamed before grilling. To steam ribs in the oven, arrange them in a big baking pan with about 1 inch of water in it, cover with aluminum foil, and bake for about 50 minutes at 350F.

Is It Best To Boil Ribs First And Then Cook Them

Boiling the meat takes off the fat while also releasing the natural juices of the spareribs, both of which are vital for preserving the ribs real flavor. Although parboiling does not eliminate much of the natural flavor, it does cause some loss. An hour of simmering will result in a significant loss of flavor, which may be detected in the water. The water can be used to make a broth for rice or other foods. Although spareribs are frequently served glazed or with a sauce, the meat might be dry after boiling since it loses its natural liquids.

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Does The 3 2 1 Method Work For Beef Ribs

Is the 3 2 1 technique effective for cooking beef ribs? If youre not familiar with the 3 2 1 method, its a rib smoking technique in which you smoke the ribs for 3 hours, then wrap them and smoke them for another 2 hours, then lastly smoke them for an additional 1 hour with sauce on them before serving. Regardless of the type of ribs used, including beef, this approach will yield excellent results.

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Grilled Beef Ribs Recipe

Grill the ribs for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on how thick they are. About 10 minutes before removing the ribs from the grill, baste them with the barbecue sauce. Immediately after removing them from the grill, mop them with sauce again and sprinkle them with additional Magic Dust. Serve as soon as possible.

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How Long Does It Take To Cook Beef Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

Grill The Ribs are a type of rib meat that is smoked over an open flame. Cook for around 2 hours, moving the pan every 30 minutes or so to ensure that various edges are exposed to the hot side of the fire. The ribs should be wrapped firmly in aluminum foil and placed back on the grill for another 12 to 2 hours to lock in the juices while you continue to cook for another 30 minutes or so.

Whats The Best Type Of Grill For Beef Ribs

Theres no grill thats best for beef ribs but the different types of grill will make a dramatic difference to your grilling experience. Pellet grills are by far the best and easiest to manage and get incredible, smoky results with. Our Z Grills are enjoyed by newbie grillers and those with decades of grilling experience behind them. Z Grills grills perfectly maintain the temperature you set them at, so you can set them and forget them, easily walking away for hours if necessary. Theyre made with the highest quality materials while offering great value for money, so if youre looking for somewhere to start your grilling journey, or are sick of micromanaging your grill.

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Why Do Beef Ribs Take So Long To Cook

To start cooking the meat, preheat the rack in which the rib will be placed to about 350 F. Place the racks in an oven safe pan and set aside. Then after 15 min., lower the heat to 200 F and let cook for 1 hour before lowering the temp to 175 F again. At this point, you are ready to remove the pork ribs from the grill. You want the internal temperature of all the pieces to be between 145 F to 150 F when you pull them off the grilling surface. This will ensure that the outside of every piece of meat is cooked thoroughly. Once pulled off, allow the exterior of each piece to cool slightly before slicing. If you need to slice the bone away, do so before cutting the rest of any slices.

Grilling Beef Ribs Recipe On A Gas Grill

How to Cook Beef Ribs on a Gas Grill – Recipe | Kenneth Temple | Master Grillabilities | BBQGuys

No talk of Americas love affair with barbecue would be complete without mentioning ribs. Economical, flavorful, and tender when cooked properly, this finger food is one of the mainstays of casual and steakhouse cuisine. So how do you go about grilling beef ribs on a gas grill? Its not that difficult, as long as you dont make this one mistake that can ruin everything

However, the art of barbecuing ribs to butter-soft perfection eludes many. Personal war stories abound extolling the virtues of pre-cooking ribs before tossing them on the grill. I used to bake mine for an hour, slather them with barbecue sauce, and awkwardly arrange them on my backyard grill in a haphazard fashion. They turned out chewy and flavorless.

What if we told you cooking juicy melt-in-your-mouth ribs is not only easy but fun? Grilling beef ribs on a gas grill is an especially user-friendly way to prepare a succulent and delicious meal.

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How To Grill Short Ribs

  • In a bowl, mix your seasoning ingredients. You can use either 4 Tbsp. of my Dry Rub Recipe or 2 Tbsp. salt and 2 Tbsp. pepper.
  • Sprinkle the seasoning mixture on to your short ribs of beef.Pat down to ensure the seasonings stay on while grilling and to encourage the beef to soak up all of that delicious flavor.
  • How to grill beef short ribs: Grill on medium high heat for 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway.
  • Melt a pat of butter on top of each boneless short rib, serve, and enjoy!
  • Grilling short ribs is easy and takes hardly any time. And, oh, do they smell amazing when theyre cooking! Your neighbors will wonder what that incredible smell is.

    At our house, it is always a toss-up between this recipe or my grilled pork ribs. My baby back ribs recipe is also out of this world!

    Cook Ribs Low And Slow

    When you cook ribs in a smoker, they sit for a long period of time at a low temperature. To mimic this process, you will need to set the grill to a low temperature and cook your ribs for several hours. You want the inside of your grill to hold a temperature around 225 F/110 C for the entire cooking time, which means you need to check on the grill to make sure the temperature is maintained. While you’re checking the temp, take a look at the ribs it is important to keep a close eye on your ribs because once the surface of the meat starts to burn there’s no going back.

    If you are using wood chips, you will probably have to add more wood every hour. This is particularly important for the first 2 hours. Your ribs will be done when they become tender and the meat is loose around the bones, which can be 4 to 5 hours.

    To speed up the process or to increase the tenderness of the ribs, you can pre-cook the rack. Ribs cooked on a barbecue smoker at a low temperature for several hours will be very tender. However, ribs cooked on a grill, especially a gas grill, will not be as tender, even when cooked indirectly. You can precook by either boiling the ribs for about 30 minutes or by placing them in a slow cooker. Once you are ready to grill, season the ribs and cook them indirectly until done. The disadvantage of this is that you can literally boil out the flavor of the meat and the ribs will not absorb the flavor of the smoke as well.

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    On A Gas Barbecue How Long Should I Cook Ribs

    • Reduce the heat on all of your gas grills burners to low. Cover the grill with a lid. Raise the temperature to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • In a small bowl, combine all of the dry spices. Rub the spice mixture all over the ribs on both sides.
    • In a foil pan, combine the apple juice and apple cider vinegar. Cover the ribs with foil and place them in the pan. Close the grill cover and place the pan on the grill.
    • Grill the ribs at 300 degrees for 60-90 minutes, keeping the grill closed the entire time. The ribs are done when the internal temperature reaches 165-170 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Bring the foil pan inside with care. Remove the ribs from the pan and place them on a large baking sheet. Using your favorite sauce, slather each side of the ribs.
    • Increase the heat to medium/high on each burner. The two outside burners are normally set to hot, while the centre burner is set to low/medium.
    • Grill for 5-7 minutes each side on each rack, adding additional sauce as needed. The ribs are done when they begin to char slightly.

    Can You Air Fry Beef Back Ribs

    Smoked Beef Ribs

    Yup! Now youre probably thinking why would I? Well I had 2 racks of ribs and wanted to test the two methods. The Traeger definitely provides the fall-off-the-bone texture. But if youre looking for a meatier, almost steak-like juicy rib the air fryer is a great alternative. Theyre also done in 35 minutes instead of 9 hours.

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    Whats The 3 2 1 Method For Smoking Ribs

    A: The 3 2 1 method for smoking ribs is a way to cook ribs by cooking them in a smoker. The first step is to place the ribs on the smoker, then smoke them for two hours. After that, you should put them back on the smoker and cook them for another hour. Finally, you can wrap the ribs in foil and finish cooking them for an additional hour.

    Can You Cook Ribs On A Propane Grill

    Choose baby back ribs for cooking ribs on a gas barbecue because they will cook more evenly. St. Louis ribs can be prepared on a gas grill as well, although they may taste better if they are baked in the oven. Choose a rack of baby back ribs that has a consistent layer of meat across the ribs when selecting a rack of ribs.

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    What To Serve With Beef Ribs

    • Peel off the silver membrane from the back of the ribs. 2 racks of beef back ribs
    • Rub ribs on both sides with Historic Black seasoning and refrigerate overnight1/4 cup Historic BBQ Black Seasoning
    • Remove ribs an hour before ready to start smoker. After about 45 minutes, get Traeger started. Turn to SMOKE setting. After smoke dissipates, set temp to 225º.
    • When grill is at temperature if you have a wifi thermometer insert Meater into the center of the meaty section of the ribs avoiding the bones. Be sure to leave the meater block on the grill its got a magnet. This extends the range so you can monitor from your phone in the house.
    • Set ribs on the grates, bone side down. Cook 8-10 hours until reach 203º. Check pellet hopper after 4-6 hours.
    • Remove from grill and rest with foil tent for 20 minutes

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