How To Cook Chicken On Charcoal Grill

How Long To Grill Chicken Breast

How to bbq chicken on charcoal!!!!!

From start to finish, it should take around 30 minutes to grill your chicken breast. As always, make sure you are cooking to temperature and not to time. Use your instant read meat thermometer to remove the chicken breast once the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F.

After you remove your chicken, cover or tent it with foil for 5-10 minutes to allow carryover cooking to bring the chicken up to a finished temp of 165 degrees F.

I hope you experiment with your own flavor combinations to make a grilled chicken breast that is absolutely perfect! If you do, please come back and leave a comment with your recipe so we can all try out some new chicken methods!

How To Make Rotisserie Chicken On A Charcoal Grill

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This is a fool proof way of creating mouth-watering rotisserie chicken.

As the chicken slowly rotates it bastes in all of the juices. The smell that comes off a rotisserie bird is pretty hard to beat but if you dont have a rotisserie you can still make this recipe on a regular grill and it will taste almost as good.

You cant serve roast chicken without homemade gravy so Ill also share my simple method for making tasty gravy.

How To Get A Charcoal Grill Hot


  • 1.6 Conclusion:
  • If you want to know how to get your charcoal grill hot, youve come to the right place. Read on for helpful information about how different types of grills work and what fuels they use.

    A charcoal grill is a staple of every BBQ. Its the perfect way to get that smoky flavor on your favorite burger, steak, or chicken breast. But when you need to start up your charcoal grill, it can be hard, if not impossible, to get it hot enough for cooking. This blog post will teach you how to make your charcoal grill hot so you can cook up some delicious food!

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    The Best Spatchcock Chicken Recipe Ever In The Universe For Real

    Grilling a whole chicken is the kind of showy, secretly easy recipes we live to createits unbelievably simple to pull off, but it still makes for a dramatic dinner-party supper. Butterflied and hot from the grill, laid out on a platter with grilled lemons and a bowl of herb sauce, grilled spatchcocked chicken is a meal imbued with the spirit of sharing and generosity around which every gathering should be built. Theres something so wonderfully classic and inviting about serving a whole chickenits homey and special all at once, and this recipe is easy enough that youll be able to relax with the friends you serve it to, which is what this whole dinner-party thing is all about, right?

    Chicken In Foil On Bbq

    Closeup of making BBQ chicken on a charcoal grill Stock ...

    Cooking chicken in foil on the BBQ is an easy way to avoid turning on the oven and heating up the house. A chicken and vegetables in foil packets recipe is fully customizable. Use the vegetables and seasonings that you and your family love.

    The consistent ingredients in the recipe are chicken breasts, pounded to an even thickness, and heavy-duty aluminum foil. Heavy-duty foil is thicker, and better able to withstand being packed with ingredients and exposed to high heat.

    Good seasonings include some combination of salt and pepper, paprika, chili powder, cumin, oregano, and thyme. A drizzle of olive oil helps keep the chicken moist as it cooks.

    The vegetables you choose to add to chicken in foil on the grill are largely up to you. Usually, faster-cooking vegetables are best, such as zucchini, corn kernels, bell pepper, onion, spinach and mushrooms. Potatoes or sweet potatoes may be added, if cut into a small dice.

    As for sauce, use your favorite bottled barbecue sauce. Other options include honey-mustard, teriyaki or even ranch or Italian salad dressing. You could also go sauce-free, and use just garlic, herbs and olive oil to create flavor.

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    What To Serve With Grilled Chicken

    Grilled chicken is a healthy, delicious main course to serve by itself-but there are tons of ways to dress it up, too. You can put grilled chicken in just about anything: sliced on top of salads, stuffed into sandwiches, shredded for chicken soups or skewered on a kabob. Or top the dish off with a heaping pile of grilled veggies and youve got yourself dinner!

    Douse The Charcoal With Water

    A lot of people use water to put out their charcoal, but doing so can actually cause too much smoke damage as opposed to just trying to smother the flames. To douse the charcoal, simply take a large bucket or tub and fill it all up with water. Then pour as much as you can over the embers. Do this until all water extinguishes them completely. Leave them for about 15 minutes to fully cool down before removing them from the grill grate or ash pan. Place in an outdoor metal container made specifically to hold ashes like a metal garbage bin receptacle or an old metal paint can, or another bucket.

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    How To Prepare Charcoal Grill

    The first step in planning for preparing a charcoal grill is deciding what type of charcoal you need and where to purchase it from and getting all the other necessary materials together, such as matches or lighters and tongs or spatula.

    Here well talk about what you need, ways to light the charcoal, and some tips and tricks that will help with success when cooking outdoors:

    • When preparing your charcoal grill, make sure to use only charcoal meant for grilling. There are charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal, and both can be used depending on your preference. Lump charcoal may burn hotter than the briquettes. Still, it also burns faster, which means youll need to keep adding more throughout the cooking process if necessary.

    The next step in how to prepare charcoal grill is deciding where to place your coals and how much heat you want them to produce. If youre using a smokeless indoor grill with a side burner, theres no need to worry about this part. However, for other types of grills, heres what you need:

    Once the charcoal is ready, use your tongs or spatula to spread them evenly in one pile on opposite sides of the grill, leaving an empty space in between. Now that you know how to prepare a charcoal grill? Its time for cooking! Keep these tips in mind:

    How Long Does It Take To Cook Chicken Thighs Completely

    How to Cook Chicken Legs on the Weber Charcoal Grill

    Transfer the mold to the oven and bake for about 35 minutes, or until the chicken thighs have an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit and the skin is crispy. Place the chicken on a plate, cover with foil and let it rest for 10 minutes before serving.

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    How Do You Grill Chicken Breasts Without Drying It Out

    The key is to cook on direct heat for the first 8-10 minutes , but then switch to indirect heat for the last 5-7 minutes. ALSO do not leave it on the grill until it reaches an internal temp of 165 remove it from the grill when it is around 160 and then let it rest off the grill. As it rests, it will continue to cook and the temp can continue to rise nearly 10 degrees! So imagine if you did leave it on the grill until it reached 165? It would continue to cook and might reach 175 before you eat it! It would be over-cooked and dry.

    Pound The Boneless Chicken Breasts Before You Grill Them

    As mentioned before, grilling boneless chicken breasts is a challenging task. You have to keep track of the temperature throughout the grilling process because if it exceeds its desired temperature, it will begin to dry out immediately.

    The shape of the boneless chicken breasts also does not help because its uneven height indicates that you cannot cook its thick middle without overcooking the thinner parts of the chicken first. By pounding the chicken breasts, you can make its height even.

    You can place the chicken breasts in a plastic bag to pound it. The thick plastic will not rip and will contain the mess. Beat it with a meat pounder or heavy skillet. Bash the thicker parts of the meat until they match the height of the thinner parts. The height should be around three-quarters of an inch. If you pound the chicken breasts too thick, it will become prone to drying out when placed over high heat.

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    How To Bbq Chicken On A Charcoal Grill

    Charcoal grills remain the top performers when it comes to producing tasty seared meat. Die-hard grill fans often prefer these traditional and natural grills to propane gas ones. Besides the better-tasting results, charcoal grills tend to offer higher operating temperatures at lower costs so you will spend less on your grill cravings.

    In the mood for chicken BBQ? A charcoal grill is pretty ideal for such occasions, unlocking flavors you never experienced before with other chicken grills. With Covid-19 keeping us stuck at home, there has never been a better time to dust off and fire that grill so heres how to BBQ chicken on a charcoal grill with ease

    Preparation time: 2 hours .

    Cooking time 1 hour 1 and a half hours.

    7 to 8 lb. of chicken with bone

    1 recipe spice rub of choice

    1 cup of apple juice or oil for basting

    1 recipe barbecue sauce of choice

    Notes to Ponder

    Chicken is usually hard to grill over an open fire. The soft skin, meat, and short cooking time usually mean that by the time it is cooked, half of it is burnt or, because its now burnt, its not properly cooked through. It takes time and skill to find that balance. The ideal chicken shouldnt be dry, it should be well cooked to the point that it almost falls off the bone. Sure, you can rely on the best compact BBQ with gas for a near-perfect job, but remember the smokiness from firewood or charcoal gives your chicken an extra layering of flavors that you cant get from gas.

    Preparing the Chicken

    How Can You Tell When Grilled Chicken Breast Is Done Without A Thermometer

    Charcoal Grilled BBQ Chicken Breast Recipe

    The safest, and only foolproof, way to check if chicken is done cooking is with a meat thermometer.

    If you dont have a meat thermometer, you can test doneness by cutting into the thickest part of the chicken. If the meat is completely white and the juices run clear, the chicken should be done cooking. However, this can cause your chicken to dry out and doesnt prevent overcooking the chicken.

    Now that you know how to grill chicken breasts, check out our best grilled chicken recipes.

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    Is Organic Chicken Better When Grilling Chicken Breast

    When it comes to cooking chicken breasts, there is no difference between organic and non-organic chicken. Organic means that the birds are raised without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, additives or animal by-products, and have access to the outdoors. But, it doesnt necessarily mean that the chicken is healthier for you, tastes better or will cook better. Heres more on how to read the labels on a pack of chicken.

    Purchase The Right Kind Of Charcoal:

    The first step in getting your charcoal grill hot enough that it can cook food is to purchase the right kind of charcoal. Lumpwood charcoal burns hotter and faster than any other type of charcoal however, it also tends to burn out faster. The key to avoiding this problem is to make sure there are plenty of holes made through the bag holding the lumps or chunks of wood , so that air can circulate freely around them.

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    How Long To Bbq Chicken

    This recipe uses bone in chicken which take a bit longer than boneless grilled chicken breasts. Bone-In chicken will generally take about 35-45 minutes to cook through.

    Meat is expensive and I always want to make sure its cooked right . I strongly suggest a meat thermometer to make sure its cooked and to make sure you dont overcook it so it stays tender and juicy! When taking the temperature of chicken, be certain to keep the thermometer away from the cavity or near any bones for an accurate reading.

    BBQ Chicken Temperature: The FDA recommends that bbq chicken reaches 165°F at the thickest point.

    Select The Right Heat Level

    BBQ Chicken Legs on the Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill ~ Easy Cooking

    Cook the boneless and skinless chicken breasts over high heat to allow them to retain their moisture. If you are grilling chicken breasts on the bone or large chicken breasts that have not been pounded will need to be grilled over medium-high heat. They will be cooked slowly, so the outside of the chicken breasts does not burn while the inside of the meat reaches its desired temperature.

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    How Do You Cook Chicken Breast On A Weber Charcoal Grill

    When cooking chicken using the Weber kettle grill, start by

  • placing the chicken on direct medium heat while the lid is closed.
  • It should remain this way until the meat is firm to the touch and does no longer appear pinkish in the middle.
  • Then flip the breast once or twice, a process known as the breasts reverse sear method.
  • Dispose Of Cooled Off Charcoal In A Designated Outdoor Metal Container

    Charcoal needs to be disposed of in a designated outdoor metal container because throwing them over in nature will disrespect the environment by poisoning the natural habitat, which may cause detrimental effects to animals who ingest them or eat anything else around them. Once you have moved the embers from the cookout site, let them sit for about 15 minutes before disposing of them in a metal container. The metal container will need to be sturdy and able to hold all of the charcoal pieces without any spills or holes.

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    How To Grill Bbq Chicken:

    Grilling BBQ chicken is really simple, but doing it the right way requires a little bit of technique. This recipe utilizes a quick brine, a flavorful dry rub, & indirect grilling, a simple combination that yields perfectly tender, juicy, & flavorful BBQ chicken every time. Youll be making the absolute best BBQ chicken on the grill in no time!

    Note: full Recipe Directions are provided in the Recipe Card, below.

    #1 Start with an easy grilled BBQ chicken marinade.

    Before you panic about the need to mix up a complicated marinade for your chicken, let me assure you were keeping things really minimal here. This grilled BBQ chicken marinade is actually a simple brine!

    Because chicken is pretty lean, marinating or brining it before you barbecue it is key. A quick brine will help ensure your grilled barbecue chicken stays totally juicy & doesnt dry out on the grill.

    2 brine options:

    • Beer brine: Even if youre not a beer lover , soaking chicken in beer adds an incredibly rich, deep flavor to the chicken. Its my favorite grilled chicken trick. For best flavor, use a full-bodied, dry & hoppy beer, such as an IPA.
    • Buttermilk brine: If beer isnt your thing , you can use buttermilk, which is totally classic & has the added benefit of tenderizing the chicken. If you dont have buttermilk on hand, you can DIY it by adding a splash of vinegar or lemon juice to regular ol milk.

    #2 Layer on the best grilled BBQ chicken rub.

    #3 Get grilling!

    Grilling BBQ Chicken:

    Ready To Hit The Grill

    Grilled Chicken Legs On A Charcoal Grill Stock Photo ...

    Us too! Try some of PWWBs Top Grilling Recipes ASAP!:

    Follow along with Plays Well With Butter on , , & for more easy, modern recipes & fun!

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    Prepping The Chicken Breast

    The secret to grilling moist tender chicken breasts is all in preparation. The following steps will help you cook chicken on a charcoal grill with the best results:

    Tenderizing the Chicken

    First of all, you need to tenderize the chicken. Try to select breast pieces that are about the same size. If you are using frozen chicken, thaw it before getting started. So how do you tenderize chicken? It is effortless. Take a plastic wrap or a parchment paper on the surface, place the chicken breasts on it, and then cover with another wrap or sheet. You can also place your chicken breasts in a freezer bag. This step is crucial if you dont want to end up with meat splatters all over your kitchen counter. Grab a rolling pin or a meat mallet and start smashing! Start with the thickest area of the meat. Give it a few good smacks to even it out. Try to even out the chicken as much as you possibly can. This step is necessary to ensure that your chicken is grilled evenly and reduce the chances of it drying out in certain areas. You will be surprised to know how many people skip this step. The thickness of the meat determines the right cooking time of the chicken. I prefer to get a depth of ¾ inches. If you have selected smaller pieces, you might not need to smack them as much. Just enough to make them all about the same thickness.

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