How To Light Lynx Gas Grill

If At First You Dont Succeed

How To Light Your Lynx Grill

As a last-shot option if your gas grill ignition system is failing or on the fritz, you may want to get a grill that comes armed with flash tubes, which are simply openings you can use to ignite the burners with a match or long-nose lighter. If all else fails, you can get hands-on and light the burners directly with the gas flow at a minimum amount to enable combustion. However, if your gas grill is malfunctioning in the ignition area, dont put off getting it looked at and repaired. You paid for an ignition system and should be able to use it without worry.

Lynx Grills: The Professional Series

The Professional series of Lynx grills is highly-regarded and certainly lives up to its reputation. These barbecues offer restaurant-quality features and grilling versatility which appeals to grill masters of all kinds.

There are over 30 different grills offered within the Professional series. At a quick glance, this table will give you a good overview on what is available and the differences amongst the models.

Shop For Lynx Grills With The Bbqdepot

At BBQ Depot, weve been selling Lynx grillssince their inception. For over two decades weve sold their products. We haveextensive experience with their grills and know their parts and accessories byheart. There is noone else who has the experience in repairing Lynx Grills like The BBQ Depot.

Whether you choose the Lynx Professional or Sedona grill, were thefolks you want to call. Contact us today!

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Do I Need To Soak Wood Chips Before Smoking Them

No! Despite popular advice, you do not want wet wood your wood chips for smoking. Water means moisture, and moisture that is heated means steam. While this indeed prolongs the smoking process, it doesnt actually create smoke until the water evaporates. Thus not actually smoking anything at all.

You want to avoid adding steam to your meat, so instead use dry wood or wood pellets per the outline of smoking methods listed above. I prefer these wood chips and these wood pellets when using these methods.

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  • Innovative Trident infrared burner offers infinite temperature control between high and low
  • Sturdy ceramic burners will never rust or corrode, while providing superior heat retention and delivery
  • Lift assist and fluid handle rotation make raising the hood effortless
  • Unique two-position, three-speed rotisserie with infrared burner produces slow roasted perfection
  • Large capacity smoker box lets you add unique flavor to grilled foods

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Tips For Holding Serving And Re

  • When your pork is done, remove it from the grill and cover the foil wrapped roast in a kitchen towel and place in a cooler to rest for 1-2 hours before pulling.
  • Pull with your hands for easiest results. This helps you break it up and remove any large pieces of un-rendered fat.
  • Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce and this dill pickle coleslaw as a side! Have leftover pork? Try my KC style hot dog or these delicious pulled pork tacos!

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Lynx Grills Key Features

Premium Ceramic Burner System: Lynx Grills feature cordierite ceramic burners. The commercial styling provides substantial heat for cooking and is rated for as much as 25,000 BTUs. Creating a professional style experience, Lynx Grills also feature ceramic briquette trays above the burners that give you even heating experience of cooking with charcoal, but without the mess.

The Only Possible Way A User Can Trip A Lynx Regulator

Changing the LED Light Strands on a Lynx Grill

As I have mentioned before the Lynx Ignition System greatly decreases user error, but it does not eliminate the potential. One way it can happen is if the user believes the Propane Tank is already on and executes the ignition sequence only to discover the tank is not on. At this point, the user would have to leave the burner knob in its final position and turn the tank on. This would result in the bypass being triggered because the system would think a leak has sprung because having turned the burners on, the propane escapes and line pressure drops. However, at Grill Tanks Plus we rarely get calls about Lynx Grill regulator issues that were apparently caused by such an error. If we do get any calls related to regulators, they have to do with common wear and tear over time.

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Lynx Professional Grill Sizes

Keep in mind that the Lynx Professional grillcomes in a few different sizes: 27, 30, 36, 42, and 54 inch. Along with eachsize, there are varying combinations of the two types of burners. A grill can beordered with all ceramic burners, all infrared burners, or a mixture of both.It is recommended that at least one burner is infrared in order to experiencethe restaurant quality searing capabilities. Looking for Wi-Fi capabilities? Choose a Lynx Smart Grill. Offered in 30, 36, and 42 inches, These grills not only enabling the chef to monitor the temperature of thegrill from their phone, wherever they are but, also ignite your grill.

Commercial Rotisserie Kit With Infrared Back Burner

To be used in combination with the rotisserie kit, the integrated infrared back burner, provides plenty of heat for slow roasting meats. With up to 16,000 BTUs of heat, and three operating speeds this commercial grade rotisserie kit holds up to 55-pounds of meat for an amazing culinary experience. If you need assistance, you can read our tips on using rotisserie burner.

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Lynx Sedona High End Features

The Lynx Sedona Grill series has plenty ofluxurious touches just like the Professional series, such as extra wide stainless-steelrods to make up the grid. It also has a spring hood assist to make it easy tolift the 50-pound hood. An exterior temperature gauge gives the cook effortlessaccess to the temperature of the grill.

This Lynx grill is made from 16-gauge 201grade steel. It has a standard spark ignition, which is slightly less desirablethan the Professional series hot surface ignition. It does come with arotisserie kit, but only one speed and one position is offered. The knobs ofthis grill are also backlit with a blue LED light, and a single halogen lightis found inside to enable those nighttime barbeques we love.

Backlit Led Control Knobs And Internal Halogen Lights

Lynx Professional 54

Cooking at night is simple with the integrated halogen lights. The knobs on Lynx Grills also feature LED backlighting, which not only looks cool, but also makes it easy to see what youre doing, even on the darkest of evenings. The lighting scheme of the Lynx Grills, complement the stainless steel construction, for a sleek, modern look.

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Which Lynx Grill Is Right Foryou

There is no wrong choice when it comes tochoosing between the Lynx Professional or Sedona Grills. Both Lynx grills offertemperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit with their Prosear Infraredburners.

Both offer a wide selection of matchingoutdoor kitchen equipment available for purchase from Lynx including stainlesssteel cabinets, an outdoor trash can, a cocktail station, warming drawers andfridge. When it comes down to it, it depends on your budget and whether or notthe cost of the deluxe features in the Professional series are worth the higherprice.

Will It Last Warranty On Lynx Grills

Lynx grills are made in Downey, California. Professional and Sedona series come with a limited lifetime warranty which includes parts on

  • Stainless steel body

The limited 5 year warranty covers parts on:

  • Warming racks
  • Briquette trays
  • Manifolds and gas valves

The limited 2 year warranty portion covers defective parts on the entire grill. During the first year Lynx covers both parts and labor against defects.

When you have a warranty service issue Lnyx wants to hear directly from you and encourages people to use a simple form on the company website.

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Lynx Gas Grills Where Beauty And Performance Meet

Lynx gas grills are a marriage of form and function, combining beautifully welded stainless steel construction with some of the most ground-breaking technology in the BBQ industry. The result is a breathtaking line of gas grills that push the envelope of technological innovation and are so simple to use, anyone can feel like a grill master.

Lynx has continually rocked the world of BBQ with innovative features like the industrys first 100% ceramic burners, one of the first lift-assist hood systems, ceramic briquette flame tamers, and the Trident the largest infrared burner on the market.

Overview Of Professional Gas Grills

Replace a Lynx Gas Grill micro-switch on a L36 model grill
Sizes Models / Features / Price
27 inch Feature 2 Burners . Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 685 grilling space

  • L27R3 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $3,549
  • L27TR 1 x Trident, 1 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burner, $3,559
30 inch Feature 2 Burners . Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 840 grilling space

  • L30R3 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $4,159
  • L30TR 1 x Trident, 1 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burner, $4,159
  • L30ATR 2 x Trident Burnes, $4,159
  • SMART30 2 x Trident Burnes, Wifi, Smart Programs, $7,119
36 inch Feature 3 Burners . Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 935 grilling space

  • L36R3 3 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $5,859
  • L36TR 1 x Trident, 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $5,859
  • L36ATR 3 x Trident Burners, $5,859
  • LF36ATR 3 x Trident Burners, FlameTrack Safety, $6,089
  • SMART36 3 x Trident Burners, Wifi, Smart Programs, $8,889
42 inch Feature 3 Burners . Built-in or freestanding. 16K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 1,200 grilling space

  • L42R3 3 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $6,849
  • L42TR 1 x Trident, 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $6,849
  • L42ATR 3 x Infrared Trident Burners, $6,849
  • SMART42 3 x Trident Burners, Wifi, Smart Programs, $10,089
54 inch Feature 3 Burners . Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 1,555 grilling space

  • L54TR 1 x Trident, 3 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $7,819

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Overview Of Professional Vs Sedona Series Lynx Grills

Freestanding models come fully assembled with the cart Cart and grill head need to be assembled on site
FlameTrak Safety on Select Models N/A

Exterior Construction

Lynx Professional series gas grills are constructed with superior-quality 14 gauge, 304 steel. This is measurably better than Sedona models, which feature a still-impressive 16-gauge 201 steel construction.


Pro series grills boast incredibly durable ceramic burners with a max output of 25,000 BTUs. The advantage of ceramic is that it protects the power source and nozzles from clogging or expanding over time. That being said, Sedona series grills still feature 23,000 BTU burners crafted from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel.

Trident Technology on Infrared Burners

The good news for those looking to buy a Lynx grill on a budget is that the Sedona series features their patented Trident technology, allowing for excellent searing. However, Pro series grills offer the even more advanced Trident system that prevents flare ups by up to 60% . Trident burners are also made with inconel wire for enhanced durability and longevity. This is arguably the most impressive feature available on Lynx grills, and it makes the Pro series remarkably attractive to serious grillers.

The dome shaped stainless steel mesh on Trident burners is a superior design for protecting the burner from juices and food debris.




Additional Features

How Do You Manually Light A Lynx Grill


Furthermore, how do you manually light a propane grill?

Steps to Manually Light Your Gas Grill

  • Open the lid of your grill and find the lighting hole on the side of the grill.
  • Once you see that, place a match in the curled end of the holder.
  • Turn on the gas burner closest to the hole.
  • After the first burner is lit, turn on adjacent burners to cross-light them.
  • Beside above, is it safe to light a propane grill with a lighter? Try to light the gas as you would normally, but instead of pressing the piezo igniter button, use a long match or a long-reach butane lighter. If the grill lights and burns properly, you’ve got an ignition problem. If the grill doesn’t light using the match, check for low or no gas flow.

    Furthermore, how hot should Lynx grill get?

    Using their trademarked Trident burners, the Lynx all sear grill can cook as low as 200F or push the heat to over 1000F on just one burner.

    What is a lighting hook on a grill?

    The lighting hook is used to light your burners when the igniter is not working. The tool is designed to be safer than attempting to light your burner with just a match. Simply place a match in the spring coiled end, turn on the burner and light.

    As with all grills, clean the cooking surface before use.

  • Open the lid to prevent gas from building up in the cooking chamber.
  • To start a propane grill, turn the valve on the top of the tank counter-clockwise.
  • Turn on the other burners.
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    How To Troubleshoot A Sedona By Lynx Ignition

    My Sedona Grill will not light.

    How do I troubleshoot?

    Grilling Season is approaching fast and one of the most widely grill parts to fail is the ignition.

    Do you need to replace every component? NO

    This is why we will give you tips and instructions on How to Troubleshoot the Ignition on a Lynx Sedona Grill.

    These tips can be used for all Models – L400 , L500 , L600 and L700 . These models can come with or without rotisserie backburner as well as with all Stainless U Burners with Briquette Trays or a combination of U Burners and One Prosear.

    These tips will help you narrow down the exact part that has failed. Nothing can be more frustrating that purchasing a new repair part, you spend the time to install it and your issue still exists.

    In addition, we do not want want you to spend the money on all 6 replacement parts when you may only have needed to purchase 1?

    There are 6 components that make up the ignition system in a Sedona by Lynx :

    1. Transformer – 33525

    4. Electrodes – Kits vary by grill model and the electrodes have different wire lengths

    5. Battery Holder – 31879

    6. Spark Generator – 31161 or 31162

    We will go into how this ignition operates first. The Sedona uses 110 volt electrical power to ignite the grill but it has a unique feature of a battery back up in the event of a power failure.

    Here are the steps we perform when troubleshooting this ignition :

    1. Do the interior halogen light and control knob LED lights illuminate?

    4. Removing the Control Panel

    Can You Use A Gas Grill To Smoke Meat


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    Yes! While it may not be a traditional method for low and slow BBQ there are a handful of techniques and ways to apply smoke to meat on a gas grill. Here a few methods I utilize-

    • Using a Smoke Tube or Smoker Box- A smoke tub or smoker box allows you to manipulate and move the lit wood pellets or wood chip blend easily from a small grill proof mental box. I used a smoker box that comes as an accessories to my Lynx gas grill, but I also love how affordable this model is from Amazon!

    This works by lighting the tube to ignite and slowly burn your pellets, emitting smoke into the grill. Its important to close the lid of your grill and not open it often when using a smoker tube to hold in as much smoke as possible.

    • Foil Packets with Wood Chips- If you want to smoke without a smoking tube or box, youre in luck! You can do this by simply making several foil packets full or wood chips to light for smoke instead.

    This works best when you place the aluminum foil packet of wood chips over a direct heat source. It allows the chips to slowly burn. Make sure you poke a few holes in the top of the foil packet for the smoke to escape, while also allowing a small and steady amount of air into the packet to keep the wood burning .

    You will have to periodically change out the pellets or wood chunks as they will burn out. Have this prepped and ready on hand as needed to max out the benefits of adding smoke flavor to your meat.

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    Fireside Bbq & Appliance Price Match Guarantee* will match the price of any other similar online based store on these provisions:

  • All the specs, including shipping method are the same
  • Price must include freight charges
  • What do I do if I find a lower price?If you find a side online with a lower price, contact us with the specs and the competitors URL and we will verify the information and override the price in your shopping cart.

    3336 – Natural Gas, 3337 – Propane
    • Two stainless steel burners total 46,000 BTUs
    • Stainless steel grilling grates and Ceramic Briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution
    • Lift assist and fluid handle rotation make raising the hood effortless
    • Welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect
    • Blue LED control panel accents and ultra-bright internal halogen lighting

    Legal disclaimers and warnings

    Product packaging, owners manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product. WARNING for California residents: this product may contain chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

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