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Weber Grill Cover 7106 Cover For Spirit 200 And 300 Series Gas Grill

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Although not made by the Weber Company, this is a unique weber grill cover designed to work with Spirit 300 and 200 series grills. Of course, the cover doesnt work with all the other models, so if you have a different model, you need to pick a different cover. That said, this product boasts an ultra-grade construction, which makes it perfect for all outdoor conditions. The top-grade UV-resistant and breathable construction make it better and ideal for all outdoor conditions. Something else, this cover comes in perfect size of 52L x 26W x 43H inch, which makes it perfect for all the grills within the two categories. Another thing, the product features a lightweight construction which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The sturdy construction also makes it perfect for use in all environments.

It features a 100% polyester construction with extra ultra-quality vinyl cover for better performance in all weather conditions. Whats more, the product boasts a crack-resistant, UV-resistant, and water-resistant construction, making it ideal for all weather conditions. You also enjoy the convenience and comfort of unique Velcros which keep it in place even during windy environments. Lastly, you enjoy a three-year warranty with each purchase.

  • The loop and Velcro features offer better performance
  • The product boasts a stylish look.

Old Spirit 220 & Spirit 300

For the fixed table Spirit 220 and 300, you need the larger Weber 7106 cover.

Again, find out which generation Spirit grill you have, because the cover for the old model will not fit the new Spirit II E-310 .

This cover will also fit the first generation Spirit S-315 and Spirit E-330.

Cover dimensions: 52 L x 25.8 W x 42.8 H

The original cover for this grill is quite pricey these days, so you may opt for a cheaper alternative from other manufacturers. Kingkong 7106 and MissGrill 7106 are decent alternatives to the original Weber 7106.

Qulimetal 7139 Grill Cover

  • It is suitable for Weber Spirit 300, Spirit II 300, and Spirit 200 Series with side brackets.
  • It is 51 inches wide.
  • It is manufactured from PU.
  • Vinyl coating for water resistance.
  • Special fade resistance for UV protection.
  • It has been stitched with superior quality
  • Heavier than others as it weighs around 3lbs.


Ever since I started looking for the best cover for Weber grills, I knew that I had to put it in here. It is perfectly apt for all Weber Spirit Grills.

The best part about this QuliMetal 7130 Grill cover is that it is available in FOUR different sizes. You can find a match for your grill.

Now we are talking about how resistant it is. It has UV resistors, rain, wind, dust, and snow resistors. Being almost everything in this world resistor, this grill cover conveys a message that they take grill protection to another level.

Not to forget that it is rip-resistant as well. The velcro strap is a common feature in all grill covers here, and it is no different here.

This Weber grill cover is a durable one and provides 100% complete protection. Apart from these qualities, it is also easy to clean. QuliMetal grill covers are for those who take grill protection seriously. Grab it now if you also do!

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Texas Weber Grill Cover

  • It is perfectly suitable for all Weber Spirit II, 300, and 200 series.
  • It is made from PVC.
  • It has four large fastening straps.
  • It comes with a tong and a brush.
  • A bit heavy as compared to its peers.


If you live in cities with extreme weather conditions, be it heat, rain, wind, or snow, this Texas grill cover would be your muse. The PVC used in making these grill covers ensures durability and sturdiness.

What we loved about this grill cover is its serious commitment to face weather conditions. While PVC is perfectly apt to resist heat and water, rain still stood as a problem. Therefore, they designed FOUR velcro straps to tie the cover to assess the weather.

You can use it for almost all medium-sized Weber Spirit grills, as the width and height are perfect. It is 52 inches wide and 44.5 inches wide, enough to cover a grill perfectly.

It is pocket-friendly and long-lasting. Buy this if you live in any mountainous region or anywhere! It is just so amazingly designed.

Best Small Option: Weber Premium Charcoal Grill Cover

Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover

This option from Weber is made specifically for 22-inch grills without a side table, including the brand’s most popular mini model, the Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. Though it’s one of the most affordable grills on the market, a grill cover is still essential, and this model is equally as heavy-duty as the options made for bigger barbecues with all the expensive bells and whistles.

It’s made of 100 percent polyester material that’s just as durable as vinyl, but still soft, pliable, and breathable enough for easy placement and removalâeven in extreme winter weather. It’s completely waterproof for total protection against natural elements and features UV inhibitors in the fabric to resist fading over time in the sun. Also great: Included fastening straps will keep the cover secure on extra windy days.

To Buy: Weber Premium Charcoal Grill Cover, $37 at

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Gftime Weber 121cm Gas Grill Cover 7138


Before purchase, please double-check your grill size


Premium 600D Heavy Duty Polyester


Fit Weber Spirit II 200 and Spirit 200 Series 2 burns GrillFit for Char-BroilFit for Landmann taino 2-4 Burner Gas Grills

And fit for most 121CM 2-4 burners gas grills

Why choose us?

Premium 600D Heavy Duty Polyester Material Rip-Resistant, Long Lasting


Durable Fabric Handles At Two Sides, Easy Fitting And Removal Off

3 Layer Thickening

Bound Thickened Edge, Reinforced Stitches, To Avoid Tearing Apart

Wind-Resistant Velcro

Tighten Cover Securely Over The Grills To Prevent Blew Away

Night-Luminous Reflective Tape

Visible At night And Quickly Find Your Grill

Mositureproof Air Vent

Air Holes Speed Up The Heat Dissipation And Let The Grill To Cool Down Faster


Made Of Premium Waterproof Material, Protect Your Grill All Through The Year

UV And Fade Resistant

Protect Your Grill Against Sun, Rain, Snow, Wind, Dust

Weber Spirit Ii 3b Grill Cover

This is an original weber grill cover designed to deliver years of excellent performance. The extra-tough UV-inhibiting fabric guarantees ultimate protection for your grills. The material is fitted with excellent UV-resistors which hinder fading and ensure ultimate durability for your grills. Another thing, this product boasts a breathable and water-resistant construction which guarantees ultimate durability and protection for your grill. The breathable design keeps the grill dry at all times an eliminates odor. Another thing, this is an ultimate outdoor product which resists all elements including rains and intense UV rays.

Another thing, the product includes some beautiful fastening straps which offer a snug fit and guarantee ultimate protection. The straps also keep the cover in its position even in windy environments. Something else, this is an ideal cover for the spirit II 300 weber grill burners. It can also be used with the spirit 200 series as long as they have side-mounted controls. Lastly, the black color gives it a stylish badass look making it quite appealing.

Of course, the product is equipped with nice fastening straps which keep it in place even in windy environments. The pocket-friendly price makes it better and ideal for those on a budget. Of course, we all want to save some bucks, so this is real bang for the buck. The attractive black color gives it a badass appearance while its versatile design makes it perfect for both spirit II 200 and spirit 200.

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Weber Premium Grill Cover

Embrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun.

The lightweight yet durable Cover is easy to pull on and off of your grill.

Its fastening straps keep it from blowing into your neighbours garden, and its water-resistant material helps to maintain a clean, sleek surface.

Designed for use with:

Product Code 7183 EAN 077924059247


Current Weber Spirit Ii E

Grilling on the Weber Spirit II Gas Barbecue

Weber 7138 cover fits the current Spirit II E-210 model with front-mounted knobs and 2 burners.

This cover is backward compatible. In other words, it will also fit the old Spirit E-210 with folding tables.

Cover dimensions: 48 L x 27 W x 42 H

If you have a limited budget for your Spirit cover, please check out the 7138 covers from more affordable brands like Qulimetal 7138 and Chefun 7138.

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New Weber Spirit Ii E

Weber 7139 cover fits the current Spirit E-310 model with front-mounted knobs as well as old Spirit 200 Series models with side-mounted knobs.

Cover dimensions: 51 L x 27 W x 42 H

If you are considering a cheaper alternative to the Weber original cover, the Kingkong 7139 and Chefun 7139 are good cheap covers.

How Much Space Do You Need

This Weber two-burner grill is a compact unit designed and built for a small space. It is only 48 across and 27 deep, making it perfect for a balcony or back patio. In addition, the left side of the grill folds down if you need to save even more space when you store the unit.

Even with that compact size, the two porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates together give you 360 square inches of cooking space. Thats large enough for plenty of hamburgers for the average-sized family. A super cool feature about the grates is that they are reversible. One side has thinner grates perfect for fish and shrimp. The other side is more extensive, great for grilling steaks.

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Why Weber Spirit Grill Cover

Weber Spirit cover is a full-length, weather-resistant cover, made from heavy-duty vinyl that doesnt crack in sub-zero temperatures.

Those who buy a Weber Spirit BBQ cover will be surprised how well it fits on their grill, but it is not like a glove. It does not stick to the grill and it can be put on and taken off with ease, even on wet days.

Many owners are very satisfied with the performance of the grill cover in severe windstorms. There are stories about the whole grill being moved by the wind, but the cover doesnt come off. However, I do suggest taking extra precautions and secure your grill cover against being blown off.

There are people who had their Weber Spirit grill cover for 5 years, and it still looks new. The Weber grill also looks like it was when they bought it, despite the fact that it was heavily used. Users are also really satisfied with the design of the cover, and almost all of them are saying that it does worth the money.

X Home Weber Grill Cover

BBQ Gas Grill Cover 48"  Heavy Duty for Weber Spirit II ...
  • It fits perfectly on Weber Spirit grills with 2-3 burners, i.e., medium-sized.
  • It is made from 600D polyester with PVC coating.
  • Four large fastening straps are to die for.
  • It has a mesh air vent on both sides of the grill.
  • It weighs around 3lbs.


Suppose you are looking for a grill cover perfect for concealing your Weber Spirit grills with 2 or 3 burners. It is 52 inches wide and 43 inches long.

Every grill cover has a unique aspect. For this grill, it would be a mesh air ventilator. It doesnt let moisture store itself inside and evaporate it by speeding up heat dissipation.

Another absolutely amazing factor of this grill is FOUR velcro straps to fasten the grill cover. It makes sure your grill cover sticks to the grill even in extremely windy weather conditions.

This cover makes sure that your grill is protected from harsh weather. So, if you are looking to buy a waterproof, dust, and heatproof bbq grill cover, X Home is a great choice.

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Weber 7131 Cover For Weber Genesis Ii 4 Burner Grill

This is an excellent weber grill cover designed to fit all burner grills in the Genesis II 4 series. It boasts an incredible size of 65L x 44.5H x 25W and can hold most of the models in this series. Of course, most of the Genesis II 4 grills boast a size similar or lower than that of the cover. This product features an ultra-grade polyester construction which resists UV rays and water. Whats more, the fabric features a breathable design which keeps the grill in a perfect condition all the time.

This cover also boasts a lightweight construction which makes it portable and perfect for carrying around. The robust design keeps it in an ideal condition regardless of the environment and conditions its subjected to. Furthermore, this weber grill cover is fitted with delicate Velcro straps to offer a perfect fit for all grills regardless of the size. The form-fitted construction guarantees ultimate impact absorption for better protection of the grill. The Velcros also provide a proper fitting and keep the grill in place even in the windy conditions. Lastly, you enjoy a three-year warranty with each purchase you make.

  • The tough Velcros keep it in place.
  • It features a sturdy, breathable construction.

Best For Traeger Grills: Traeger 34 Series Full Length Grill Cover

Traeger’s pellet-style grill/smoker combos feature a protruding hopper box and chimney, which means they require a specially made cover for the perfect fit. This form-fitted full-length option is compatible with Traeger’s popular Texas and Pro 34 grill models for full protection from harsh natural elements, like rain, sun, or snow.

It’s made of a water-resistant material that’s both thick and heavy enough to protect your grill through all seasons, ensuring your grill stays dry underneath to avoid potentially costly water damage or performance problems.

To Buy: Traeger 34 Series Full Length Grill Cover, $65 at

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Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover

  • It is designed for Weber Genesis 300 series grill.
  • Its a UV-resistant medium-sized cover for a 3 burner grill.
  • It is made from 600D Polyester.
  • It is a jet-black-colored rip-resistant piece of cloth.
  • It comes with a brush, thermometer, and a tong.
  • It is not recommended for heavy monsoon seasons.


What do you typically look for in a grill cover? Stain resistance and water resistance. Something that does not tear off in heavy rainfalls and something strong enough to hold together.

This KingKong 7130 Grill Cover for the Weber Genesis II series has a complete kit to keep your grill safe from dust and dirt. What we liked the most about it is its velcro strap.

It would hold together the cover in the windiest of seasons. Despite not being from the Weber brand and a minimalprice, this cover promises to do what no one else does.

The most important thing to look for in a grill cover is sturdiness. Imagine getting a cover to protect the grill from dust and water and realizing that you will need another cover to protect the cover as well.

Thats bad! This KingKong works well in the field. Its broadsides conceal every side of the grill with sheer dignity.

Also, you might find the smell of the plastic a bit annoying, but a bit of sunlight and fresh air would minimize it as soon as you put it out there.

With its accessories, KingKong wants to take charge of keeping your grill new and clean completely. It is indeed a great alternative to a branded cover and is inexpensive too!

Old Weber Spirit E210

REVIEW: Weber Spirit II Grill

If you have the compact first-generation Weber Spirit 210 grill with folding side tables, the Weber 7105 is the right cover.

It will NOT fit the new Spirit II E210. Please scroll down to find the cover for the current 2 burner Spirit II grill.

Cover dimensions: 29.5 L x 25.8 W x 42.8 H

Below you can see several alternatives from other brands Kingkong 7105 and Unicook 7105.

As long as you see the 7105 model number in the product name, you can be sure it will fit your Spirit E210 grill.

A few manufacturers are even including tongs and a grill brush with the cover.

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Chefun 7139 Grill Cover

  • This grill cover is apt for WeberSpirit 200 and 300 grills.
  • It is made from 600D polyester fabric.
  • It has UV inhibitors.
  • Only suitable for gas grills.


Every grill cover looks similar to each other. Its their quality that differs them. Chefun grill is a great grill cover that can conceal your grill from all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

Being a light-weighted grill cover, if it were not for their TWO extra strong velcro strap, they would have been flying in the sky.

It is made from polyester, which itself is known for its durability and resistance. So, what is out there which this cover cannot inhibit? Absolutely nothing! It is dust, water, and heat resistant.

This grill cover has made itself a popular product. It is an easy to clean product just one jug of water would be able to ace the job.

If you are having any second thoughts about this grill cover, you can still have it. Chefun grill cover has a 3 years warranty so that you can live without any worries.

Weber 7176 22 Inch Charcoal Kettle Grill Cover

Finally, the Weber 7176 wraps up the list. This is the best model available on the market. It boasts an ultra-grade polyester construction which gives it unmatched durability. Another thing, the product features a breathable fabric construction, thus keeps your grill in a tip-top condition regardless of the weather conditions.

The fastening Velcros keep it in place even when in windy conditions. These Velcros also offer a snug fit for extra protection. This is a perfect grill cover for 22-inch grills. And, it works with charcoal grills, so you need to take note before picking it. The heavy-duty polyester guarantees ultimate durability while the robust UV-resistant construction hinders fading.

  • The breathable material protects against all elements
  • The price is fair

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