How Long Should I Grill Chicken

Chicken Grilling Time And Temperature Chart

How to Grill Chicken | How Long to Cook Chicken on a BBQ with Easy Recipe

Chicken and other poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F . Keep in mind, clear juices are not always a good indicator of doneness. Depending on the age of the bird, juices might not run clear until it’s overcooked. Also, as you see from the chart, boneless cuts of chicken cook faster than bone-in pieces of chicken.


How To Grill Chicken Thighs

With some simple measures, your chicken turns out great every time.

  • Remove thighs from the marinade and pat dry with a towel. Do not rinse them off.
  • Keep the meat at room temperature when you preheat the grill. It helps the chicken reach the desired internal temperature, which helps prevent having to overcook the outside because of a cold center.
  • Grill chicken from five to seven minutes on each side, depending on thickness. It also varies with boned and boneless thighs, which I discuss in more detail under that category heading.
  • Flip meat more than one time if the fat starts burning.
  • If barbecuing, move thighs away from the direct heat in the last four or five minutes and place the grill cover over them after applying the sauce.

Grilling chicken involves no grill cover, whereas barbecuing requires the covering. However, you can combine the two methods, starting with an open grill and then covering the chicken, whether barbecuing or not, to keep the meat succulent.

Depending on different variables such as thickness, bones, or no bones, and temperature of the grill to start with, chicken thighs usually take 15 minutes but sometimes 20 minutes grilling time.

How To Grill Thighs Without Skin

Brush thighs with olive oil to protect their surface.

Grill thighs evenly on both sides, but move them around on the grill if necessary to avoid fat flare-ups that leave your chicken black.

To make sure your chicken is ready to come off, always check it with a meat thermometer so that you know the chicken is safe to eat. To prevent any food-borne illnesses, the chicken needs to reach an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit or 75 degrees Celsius.

However, reaching 180 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 to 85 Celsius might be even better since thigh meat has a denser quality. A higher inside temperature helps thighs stay tender.

You can cut the chicken open to see how cooked it is. The meat should no longer contain pink, and juices should run clear. However, I would not recommend this method for two reasons:

  • Those conditions happen at lower than safe temperatures, too.
  • You end up losing the juices that keep your chicken moist and tender resulting in dry thighs.
  • Instead, its best to use a high-quality, reliable thermometer like the ThermoPro Meat Thermometer, one of my favorites when grilling or baking. It ensures your meat is cooked perfectly every time with no fear of being underdone and unsafe.

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    Technique For Grilling Chicken Leg Pieces

  • For fresh and crunchier leg piece, always pat dry the upper surface of chicken leg pieces.
  • You should utilize a thermometer to be sure you get to 180° in addition. Try not to figure.
  • Seasoning as you need. Every now and again, add the Cayenne; however, on the off chance that you have little ones, jump it.
  • Measure to any sum you need
  • Brush with your number one BBQ sauce for the most recent five minutes to make extraordinary BBQ chicken legs.
  • How Long To Cook Chicken Legs At 325 Degrees

    Grilled Spatchcock Chicken Mediterranean Style  Unicorns ...

    There are different temperatures where you can cook chicken at. At 325 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to cook the chicken for at least;60 minutes;with the grill lid closed.

    Then again, the time will vary depending on the thickness of the chicken. Make sure to keep a meat probe at reach to measure the temperature if the chicken has reached the right temperature.

    For a higher temperature, such as 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to grill the chicken for about 35 minutes. Just make sure that the internal temperature of the chicken is;165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    How To Grill Chicken Breasts

    Step One: pat your boneless, skinless chicken breasts dry with a clean paper towel.

    Step Two: season with either salt and pepper or with a fun seasoning!

    Or, you can use a marinade of your choosing!

    Step Three: Ensure gill grates are clean and preheat grill to medium/medium-high heat.

    Step Four: cook over direct heat for approximately 4-5 minutes per side. Then, move over to indirect heat for an additional 5-10 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees at its thickest point. Then remove from grill and let the chicken rest 5-10 minutes .

    Time For Grilled Chicken

    Grill Chicken leg pieces require roughly 35to45 minutes to barbecue. They demand 30to35 minutes over immediate warmth and an extra 5to10 minutes beyond backhanded heat to set the BBQ seasoning and arrive at 175° Fahrenheit inside warmth.

    Whatever youre barbecuing or smoking meat, remember that Cook to temperature and not to duration. Put resources into a decent, solid meat thermometer and check the internal temperature more than watching the timer. Its critical to cook the chicken to 165 ° Fahrenheit because this is the secure inner warmth for grilled drumsticks.

    I generally focus on 175 ° Fahrenheit when barbecuing chicken leg pieces since they have more vital connective tissue, and the meat will tumble off the bone if you cook them to more crucial warmth.

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    Grilled Chicken Breast Seasoning

    Now that youve marinated your chicken to infuse moisture and flavor to the inside of your meat, its time to season the outside. If you like a classic sweet BBQ flavor to your chicken, I definitely recommend using my Signature Chicken Seasoning. Its a balanced blend of herbs and spices with just a little heat to make your chicken sing.

    If you dont have any Chicken Seasoning on hand, my Best Sweet Rub recipe is incredible as well. Itll give your chicken a sweet and savory flavor that cant be beat. I love to use this one if I am preparing several chicken breasts at a time for meal prepping because I can use the chicken for basically anything I want after it is cooked. Think chicken salad, shredded chicken for soups or casseroles, the options are endless!

    Heres How Long To Grill A Whole Chicken

    How to Grill Chicken

    Whole grilled chicken is quite ambitious! But both beer-can chickens and spatchcocked chickens cook efficiently on the grill . Beer-can chicken takes about 1 hour on the grill using a combination of covered indirect heat and direct heat. Spatchcocked whole chickens take 45 minutes over indirect heat.

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    How To Grill Chicken Breast On A Gas Grill

    • Coat both sides of chicken with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper or desired seasonings. Let the chicken sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes.
    • Preheat gas grill before cooking to medium-high heat, or 350-400° F.
    • Lightly grease grill surface and add chicken. Close lid and cook 8 minutes, or until bottoms are browned with sear marks.
    • Rotate chicken, close lid, reduce heat to medium, and cook 7-10 minutes more, or until internal temperature reaches 165° F.
    • Remove chicken breast from the grill and let rest 5 minutes before serving.;

    How To Season Grilled Chicken

    While you can always use a , my go-to method of seasoning grilled chicken is with a generous sprinkling of spices.

    Cajun Seasoning and Taco Seasoning are the two spice blends I reach for most often. However a combination of Crazy Salt and Italian Seasoning is also delicious.

    My friend Deborahs Jerk Seasoning Mix looks like another great option too!

    Dont have a spice blend ready to use? Just sprinkle each piece of chicken with salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika for an easy and very tasty option.

    Im not including spice amounts here, because its subject to a number of factors size of the chicken pieces, amount of meat youre cooking, how spicy you like to make things etc.

    You just want to sprinkle the spices generously enough to cover each piece without coating it completely and causing it to become salty.

    Once youve made this a few times, you wont even need to think about it.

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    Best Grilled Chicken Sandwich Recipe

    A gooey, golden-crisp grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect partner to our Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup. We lean on reduced-fat cheddar but add a little canola mayo to stretch the cheese and encourage extra meltiness for a mixture that has 50% less sat fat than regular cheddar and saves 190mg sodium over processed American cheese.

    Add chicken to dish and coat with spice mixture. Cover the chicken and refrigerate it for 30 minutes. Lightly grease a skillet or grill pan, and warm over high heat. Drain chicken breasts, and discard marinade. Place chicken on grill and cook six to eight minutes per side, or until juices run clear.

    Cooking Temperatures Thermometers And Food Safety

    Grilled BBQ Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce (Video!)

    When it comes to checking the temperature of cooked chicken nothing can replace a quality digital, instant-read thermometer. They are highly accurate, fast and reliable.

    I will touch on other methods to check for doneness if you dont have one, but nothing is better or safer. I STRONGLY recommend you have an instant-read digital thermometer before you cook your first piece of chicken! if you dont have one, check out our guide to the best instant read thermometers.

    Now that you have a thermometer in hand, you need to know the temperature of a properly cooked piece of chicken.

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    How Long Do You Cook Chicken On The Grill

    Just as some people prefer barbecued chicken thighs over drumsticks or breasts, the grill doesnt treat all these cuts equally either. The size and thickness of the pieces and whether theyre boneless or not affect both the cooking time and the minimum safe internal temperature that indicates when the chicken is fully cooked and ready to eat.

    Using an instant-read meat thermometer is the only way to know for sure if its time to take your chicken off the heat. But there are some rules of thumb when it comes to gauging just how long that should take.

    Try it: 30-Minute Gochujang Korean Chicken Skewers

    Bone-in cuts need to cook longer than boneless breasts or thighs. If youre looking to save some time, feel free to opt for cuts without the bone. Those with them, though, will stay juicier throughout grilling.

    Boneless chicken breasts a blank canvas for all sorts of dishes and flavours are ready to eat the fastest. They need only about five or six minutes per side and youll want to pull them off just before theyre cooked all the way through. The residual heat from the grill will continue to cook them as they rest. Their internal temperature should be between 160°F and 165°F.

    The dark meat of chicken thighs doesnt dry out as quickly, making it your juiciest option for grilling. Boneless thighs are as fast to cook as breasts give them about five minutes on each side. Youre looking for an internal temperature of 165°F.

    Get the Recipe: Perfect Piri Piri Spatchcock Chicken

    What Should I Make For A Camping Sandwich

    Camping Sandwich Combos: Make other pressed sandwiches by stuffing a variety of camping leftovers into the sandwich, such as pulled pork with BBQ sauce; shredded smoked chicken and sliced green chiles; steak and peppers from fajitas; or ground turkey with Jack cheese, fire-roasted tomato salsa, and black beans.

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    Trim The Chicken Breasts

    Picking the right ingredient is always a key step to ensuring you end up with great results. Make sure you are buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts. These often come untrimmed in the package with minimal processing. You can also buy them trimmed .

    If youre not a fan of trimming chicken, buying them hand trimmed from the butcher can be a great time saver, just be aware it will usually cost you a bit extra per pound. If you want to save yourself some money, trimming yourself is a great way to go! Remove any dangling pieces of fat, rib meat, connective tissues, or loose pieces of chicken meat to create nice, uniform breasts.

    No matter if you buy trimmed or trim yourself, be sure that your chicken is fully defrosted before you attempt the next steps. Having chicken that is frozen in the middle can cause several issues during the marinating and grilling steps. My favorite way to defrost is to set the chicken in a zip top bag and then onto a plate and onto the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. Make sure your bag is open to allow the chicken to breathe while defrosting. Most chicken breasts will defrost within 24 hours in the fridge.

    How To Prepare And Preheat Your Grill

    How to Grill Chicken

    While your chicken is marinating and before youre ready to grill it, its important to get your grill ready.

  • Preheat your grill. Youll want to preheat your grill to 400 degrees F, which will both help burn things off that were leftover when you previously grilled, and will also prevent your chicken from sticking to the grates.
  • Brush it off. After your grill has preheated use a grill brush to brush off any leftover bits from the last time you grilled.
  • Oil the grates. This isnt always necessary for grilling chicken, but iff youre grilling a protein that doesnt have a lot of natural fat youll also want to oil the grill grates so that the protein doesnt stick.
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    When Are Chicken Legs Done On The Grill

    Chicken drumsticks are very easy to make. When you are grilling the chicken legs, it will demand approximately 15to20 minutes; the wizardry number is really in the warmth of the chicken. You realize your barbecued chicken leg pieces are thoroughly cooked when the inner heat arrives at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Remember that when youre grilling chicken legs on the barbecue and need to observe for doneness, simply puncture deep down with a blade. The chicken is done when its fluids come out.

    The Key To Perfectly Grilled Chicken:

    Precook it in the oven ahead of time so you know its fully cooked and ready for the grill. Cooking it ahead of time also lets you cook it slowly, which yields nice, juicy, and tender meat. And, it gives you time to put your feet up during grilling season because most of the work is done beforehand.

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    What Should You Use For A Marinating Dish

    Some individuals swear by heavy-duty zip-top bags for marinating. They claim that it allows the marinade to do its work faster, because theres minimal air exposure.

    While the technique does promote a higher moisture content, its only suitable for lighter marinades. Otherwise, the flavor of the chicken itself can be overwhelmed. The point of a marinade is to accent the ingredients, not drown them out.

    Also, dont be tempted to use aluminum or ceramic containers to hold the marinade. The acid will react with these materials, giving the marinade an off taste. Use a non-reactive glass bowl or baking dish instead.

    How To Know When Chicken Is Done

    Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken (Grill or Stovetop!)

    Chicken should not be dark red or look raw inside when it is done cooking. However, color does not indicate doneness. The USDA has said that even fully cooked poultry can sometimes show a pinkish tinge in the meat and juices.

    I highly recommend using a;meat thermometer;for checking the internal temperature of your chicken.

    Its the easiest and most foolproof way to determine whether or not your chicken is done . A meat thermometer can also prevent overcooking your dish resulting in tough, flavorless chicken.

    Chicken should be at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe to eat, so you will know without a doubt when the chicken is done.

    Cooks Note : I like to remove the skin from chicken thighs prior to grilling. It is not a requirement though, the chicken will cook just great with the skin on.

    However, the spices absorb so nicely throughout the chicken without the skin and I prefer it that way.

    Its a well-established fact that I love crispy pan fried chicken or oven baked chicken complete with the skin, but when it comes to grilling chicken? Skinless is my favorite.

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    Heres How Long To Grill Chicken Breasts

    Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are a blank canvas for grilling. You can marinate, sauce, and season them for everything from meal prep to dinner sandwiches. Theyre also relatively fast-cooking for chicken. Grill whole breasts over direct heat for 5 to 6 minutes for grill marks and then move them to indirect heat to finish cooking for 15 minutes.

    Grilled Chicken Breast Marinade

    Spoiler alert! The best grilled chicken breast marinade isnt an exact pre-measured packet of sauce that you buy at the store. The perfect grilled chicken marinade is one that you can customize yourself.

    Every great marinade has 5 key elements that make your chicken absolutely lip-smacking and the best part is that you can build it to your liking. The basic recipe looks like this:

    • Acid. White wine vinegar goes great with chicken but other vinegars, wines, fruit juices, Worcestershire sauce or a combination of these are tasty options as well.
    • Fat or oil. This recipe uses olive oil, a solid choice, but you can use other affordable options here as well
    • Flavor and seasonings Snag some pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic, and Parmesan cheese for this; recipe, or add your own favorite fresh herbs, garlic, ginger, or peppers.
    • Salt. Tossing in some good ol kosher salt or sea salt is a great option. You can also use savory ingredients like soy sauce to add some salt to your marinade.
    • Sugar.; White sugar is all you need for this recipe, but Im fond of using brown sugar, honey, or molasses in my marinades as well.

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