How Long To Roast Corn On Grill

How To Actually Grill The Corn

Kamado Joe Grill Roasted Corn on the Cob

Grilling the corn over direct heat gives the corn ideal doneness. Much like throwing whole cobs into a campfire, the direct heat works with the husk to steam the corn to perfection. The husk is going to blacken and burn while the corn cooks, but dont worry this makes removing the husks even easier.

How To Roast Corn On The Cob

Roasting ears of corn is incredibly simple, and you wont believe the great flavor!

First, husk the corn and remove as much of the silk as possible. I like to do this over a paper bag outside so my kitchen isnt covered in corn silk.

Rub each ear liberally with softened butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper. For a fun smoky twist, try some smoked paprika as well!

Roast in a pan with sides , flipping halfway through.

To get a char, pop them under the broiler until charred to your liking.

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How Hot Should My Grill Be

This isnt a low n slow dish, so you want your grill to be at least medium heat. Some people crank up the flames or stoke the coals until theyre white-hot, but I think its better to rein it in a bit and aim for medium-high for better control.

Theres no need to worry about temperature zones with corn direct heat is the way to go. You could try to roast over indirect heat, but youre more likely just to dry out the corn.

So aim for a grill grate temp of about 350f.

How Do You Cook Corn On The Cob

Best Grilled Corn on the Cob Recipe

Do you boil it? Oh, no no no. If you do, please dont anymore! All of that sweet deliciousness is being left right in your boiling water!

Do you microwave it? Oh, Paula and Martha should be pounding on your door! I dont care how many promises Pinterest makes about the silks sliding right off when you microwave it, dont do that either!

Do you grill it after shucking? STOP! Yes those grill marks are so pretty, but youre making more work for yourself. Youll never have to use one of these again, although, it is pretty cool.

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How Long Should I Grill Corn On The Cob

The surface area of the corn thats in contact with the grill at any one time is pretty small. To ensure even cooking, youre going to need to tend to your cobs and rotate them regularly at small-time intervals.

Depending on how hot your grill is, plan on turning the corn every 1-2 minutes.

Watch for the kernels to start deepening in color, but dont let them get black. A basic equation of barbecuing is black = burnt = garbage.

Total cooking time will be between 10 -15 minutes.

How To Grill Corn Perfectly Every Time

To grill any corn, place the corn on the Blackstone, which has been turned to high, for about 5 minutes so that you get the nice char as soon as you put the corn onto the grill.

Close the cover, so the heat stays in the grill. It will probably take you about 10-15 minutes. I like to flip them frequently through the cooking process, so all sides get perfectly grilled.

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How To Grill Corn In Foil For The Juicy Kernels

Grilling corn in foil won’t provide any char or smoky flavor, but it does keep the kernels moist. It’s also a very forgiving method, so it’s great when you can’t constantly watch the cornor if you want to cook the corn over a campfire or at a park.

1. Shuck the corn like the first two methods and wrap each cob in heavy-duty foil before placing on the grill or over the fire.

How long to grill corn in foil: Place the foil-wrapped corn on a grill heated to medium-high and cook, turning occasionally, for about 15 minutes. Let cool slightly before carefully unwrapping.

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Roasting Corn In Foil

This method is for all you buttery corn enthusiasts out there. Husk the corn, wrap it in foil with a dab of butter, and roast the little packets of corn goodness until tender. These corn cobs will essentially steam inside the foil, creating a corn that is both tender and sweet.

Try this when: Youre cooking and serving corn for a crowd and you also need to keep the corn warm for serving later. Done in 30 minutes.

Corn Grilled In The Husk Recipe:


Salt and pepper

Selecting Fresh Corn:

Good corn on the cob always begins with selecting the freshest, just ripe ears of your favorite variety of corn. The absolute best corn is corn that is picked ripe and straight from your own vegetable garden! Now I know everybody can not have a garden and grow their own corn, so pick fresh corn from your local market carefully!

When buying corn at the market, the husks should be bright green and fit snugly around the ear of corn. The kernels should be in tight rows right to the tip of the ear of corn, and be plump and milky.

In the grocery store, it is perfectly acceptable to peel back the outer green husk to check and see if the corn looks OK to you.

Preparing Corn for Grilling:

If the ears of corn have many layers of husk on them, peel off only the first couple of layers, leaving a few layers for protection. Do not remove all the layers.

Soak the whole cobs in a pot of cold water for 15 minutes. Be sure the ears are completely covered with water. This will provide extra moisture for cooking and will steam the corn kernels inside the husks.

While the corn is soaking, preheat the barbecue grill to a medium temperature . After soaking, remove the corn from the water and shake off any excess water.

Begin by pulling the husks of the corn back . Remove and discard only the silk.

Brush the kernels with olive oil or butter.

Grilling the Corn:

Allow the corn to slowly continue cooking for approximately 15 minutes.

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What To Pair With Roasted Frozen Corn

Now while you wait for the recipe this was made for, I highly recommend serving it along side a delicious slab of Carne Asada, in my Grilled BBQ Chicken Quinoa Bowls, my Loaded Quinoa and Edamame Salad, or my Steak Salad in a Creamy Avocado Dressing. Youll love it in anything that calls for corn.

Some other great pairing options would be:

Grilled Corn Serving Suggestions

How Long Do Ears of Corn Take to Roast in a Campfire ...

No matter which method you choose, serve the grilled corn hot, with olive oil or butter and plenty of salt and pepper. For a zesty twist, try rubbing it in cilantro lime butter , and sprinkling it with chopped cilantro and red pepper flakes. It would also be fantastic with drizzles of chipotle sauce, cilantro lime dressing, green goddess dressing, or vegan ranch!

I love serving grilled corn on the cob as a side dish with vegetarian tacos, but of course, its also great with classic cookout recipes like these:

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Grilled Corn On The Cob

  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat and lightly oil grate.


  • Step 2

    Peel back corn husks and remove silk. Place 1 tablespoon butter, salt and pepper on each piece of corn. Close husks.

  • Step 3

    Wrap each ear of corn tightly in aluminum foil. Place on the prepared grill. Cook approximately 30 minutes, turning occasionally, until corn is tender.

Thats Why And How To Grill Corn On The Cob Without Husks

Depending on when you read this article, you may or may not have difficulty finding corn to cook. Its not one of those food items you can find even when they are out of season, like apples or carrots.

If its corn season, we hope you enjoy a wonderful feed of corn soon, and that you try out your new technique! Corn roasted on the barbecue is incredibly delicious, and youll want to have it often during the all-too-brief window of opportunity.

Know some other BBQ fanatics? Could you let them know about our site by sharing this article with them?

We also welcome your questions, comments, corrections, and criticisms, so dont be shy. Let us know what you thought about this article, or any others youve read, by leaving a comment below. Share your tips and tricks, or even your most epic fails!

Stay well until next time, grill-brothers and sisters and I apologize for the corny jokes.

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Should You Shuck Corn Before Grilling

Yes! Corn on the cob can be grilled in the husk. An optional step is to peel back the husk and remove the silk strands from the cob, but you can also grill the cobs without removing the silk. To keep the husk from burning or catching fire, its a good idea to soak your corn for 15 minutes to 1 hour before grilling.

Essential Bbq Side Dish

Harvesting Corn and Roasting Corn on the Grill African Style

Whenever you have a passing thought about what sides to make for a BBQ, the answer must surely always include grilled corn, right??! I mean, its the most effortless BBQ side dish ever: plonk corn on the BBQ, serve with butter.

And we could just leave it at that.

But I like to do one extra little thing to make it even more amazing: brush with melted butter while its on the BBQ. This does two things adds buttery flavour, and helps get extra char on the corn because the butter conducts heat. Its so good!

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Making Corn On The Cob For A Crowd

Lets face it, when youre having a cookout or summer bbq, a few ears of corn just isnt going to cut it right?

I like to pick up a couple of those disposable deep roaster pans from my grocery store . You can fit a lot of ears in one pan, and my oven can accommodate 2 pans per rack.

When you have two layers of corn ears in a pan, when turning the ears, make sure to rotate the bottom ears to the top and vice versa to make sure all the corn is evenly roasted.

Final Thoughts On Grilling A Roast

Are you ready to try grilling a roast beef yourself? Great! Once you get the first one underway, youll be a pro at it. Be sure to check out our other grilling recipes at Steak University and helpful grilling articles that can teach you to become a grilling master, like learning how long to grill steak. Enjoy your grilled roast, and be sure to check out the selection of roasts and other beef that Chicago Steak Company has to offer!

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How Long Should Corn Be Grilled

Grilled corn takes about 10 minutes to be fully done, while husked corn will take up to 15 minutes. For extra smokiness, you could leave it on for an additional 1 or 2 minutes, but you must constantly turn it so it doesnt completely char. If you have some of the husk removed at the top, or youre grilling straight and without husk, you can tell that the corn is ready when the kernels turn to a roasted, bright yellow.

If you prepared it with husk, youll notice parts of it burning but dont worry. Once cooled, its easier to remove, and it hardly affects the kernels at all. Once the cooking time is complete, let the cobs cook for about 6 minutes, then peel off the husk.

To further help you, check out this amazing recipe that works for virtually every occasion. This recipe can be done on both indoor and outdoor grills.

Grilled Corn On The Cob In Foil

Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Try this recipe: Sweet Grilled Corn

A little more work at the beginning will make it less of a mess at the end. Simply remove the husk and silk from the corn and wrap the corn completely in heavy aluminum foil. If you like, smear the cob with a little flavored butter, herbs, or salt before wrapping. The best part of this method is that the aluminum foil helps keep the corn warmer, longer, which is especially helpful if you’re cooking for a crowd.

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What To Serve With Grilled Corn

  • Chicken Kabobs Juicy chicken and colorful vegetables threaded onto skewers and grilled to perfection! The easy Greek marinade gives them irresistible Mediterranean flavor.
  • Grilled Chicken Fajitas in Foil An easy, healthy recipe for perfectly seasoned Grilled Chicken Fajitas in Foil Packets. Foolproof and perfect for fast, healthy dinners and summer cookouts.
  • Grilled Salmon in Foil How to make Grilled Salmon in Foil. Easy step-by-step for PERFECT, flaky salmon every time. Tips for how to know when salmon is finished and flavor ideas!
  • How To Make Taco Salad Healthy Taco Salad with ground turkey, black beans, avocado, and Greek yogurt salsa dressing. An easy, delicious, low-carb recipe.

How Long Does Corn Need On The Grill

Place the corn on the grill, close the cover and grill for 15 to 20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, or until kernels are tender when pierced with a paring knife. Remove the husks and eat on the cob or remove the kernels. Serve with the BBQ Butter and/or Herb Butter. Spread over the corn while hot.

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How To Grill Corn On The Cob

I have two methods for how to grill corn on the cob. They yield slightly different results, but both are delicious. Which one I pick on a given day depends on how much time I have and what Im craving. Feel free to choose whichever sounds best to you!

1. In the husk In this method, the ears of corn steam inside the husk, yielding juicy, tender kernels that are bright yellow and barely charred. I pull the husks of the corn back, leaving them attached at the base, and remove the silk. Then, I pull the husks back up and soak the corn in the husks for 10 minutes. After the corn soaks, I pat it dry and grill it in the husks until the corn is tender and light char marks form. I choose this method when Im craving really juicy, sweet grilled corn on the cob, and Im not as concerned about the char.

2. Straight on the grill Choose this method if youre all about the char! Here, I shuck the corn, removing the silk and husks, and cook the cobs directly on the grill. Cooking corn this way means that the kernels wont be quite as juicy theyll lose some of their moisture to the hot grill grates. However, theyll be nicely charred and full of smoky flavor. This method is also great if youre short on time. With no soaking required, the grilled corn cooks up in minutes.

Tips & Tricks For Grilled Roast Beef: Grilling The Most Tender Roast

How to Grill Fresh Corn on the Cobb ~ Easy

If youre wondering how to cook a New York strip roast, or any other pork or beef roast, on the grill, youre in luck because Chicago Steak Company has you covered. Grilling is probably one of the most overlooked cooking methods for a roast, which usually ends up baked or as a pot roast, but grilling can and should be one method you consider.

Here are a few pointers to help you cook up the perfect grilled roast:

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