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Best Overall Camp Chef Pellet Grill Smokepro Dlx

The All-New Camp Chef Gen 2 Controller | Camp Chef

As we mentioned above, our personal favorite is the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill. While its not the most expensive option in Camp Chefs lineup, its got almost every feature you could want. This makes it a powerhouse in the backyard and will let your cook up some downright heavenly BBQ.

With a large hopper capacity, durable build, and enough space for ribs, brats, brisket and more this is a grillmasters dream. Plus, if youre looking for a buy it for life grill that you wont regret purchasing, the DLX almost guarantees a happy stomach and compliments for a lifetime.

Smokepro Vs Woodwind Direct Flame Access

As all SmokePro and Woodwind models run on the same PID technology they all have the same maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees. However, if you want to get the best searing/grilling results really you need cooking surface temperatures above 500 degrees.

Therefore, thats where direct-flame access comes it. Essential gaps in the heat deflector/grease tray can be opened up to allow the flames of the pellet fire to reach the cooking grate. Well, certain SmokePro models the SE 24, XT 24 and DLX 24 dont come with direct-flame access.

Camp Chef brands their direct-flame access as Slide N Grill: Image

However, its not just the Woodwind models that come with Slide N Grill, there are a couple of SmokePro models with the feature, namely the SG 24, SG 30 and SG 36.

Do you need the Slide N Grill feature to cook great steaks and burgers etc? Well, not necessarily, you could opt for a cheaper SmokePro model and add on the propane Camp Chef SideKick or Sear Box for cooking surface temperatures around 900 degrees.

Direct Grilling With Slide And Grill Technology

Want to do some direct heat grilling on your Woodwind? No Problem!

All it takes to transform the Woodwind into a direct grilling machine is a quick pull of the grill knob, which moves the deflector plate and allows food to be cooked right over the fire. Using this feature is a great way to grill up some burgers or brats for your family party or crank out a hot and fast steak to keep all to yourself.

You can get a decent sear on a steak with this method, but I much prefer the one youll get from the Sidekick attachment if you opted to purchase that as well.

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Overall Fit And Finish

The Camp Chef SG24 does not disappoint when it comes to fit and finish. The unit feels sturdy, reassuring, and gives off the feel of quality and reliability. The black aesthetic is courtesy of an all-metal construction with every surface treated with anti-corrosive agents. The reassuring feel of weight and heft is present in all component parts and the unit is well-insulated to keep the heat in. It is not the best fit and finish but better than other entry level pellet grills.

Will Slide And Grill Technology Be Possible To Retrofit An Older Model With A Slide And Grill Kit

Suppose you already have an older model of a Camp Chef pellet grill, and the new Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology are appealing to you.

In that case, you, unfortunately, need to buy yourself a newer pellet grill that is already equipped with this technology.

You cannot retrofit an older model with a slide and grill kit.

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How Good Is The Temp Accuracy & Consistency

While smoking at low temperatures, the accuracy seems to be pretty close.

But in my tests, the Woodwind appeared to be off quite a bit as the temps increase toward grilling temperatures. On the plus side, the grill was fairly consistent once it reached its set temperature.

Ive included more detailed testing details in a section below.

Camp Chef Sg24 Wifi Specifications

Cooking Space

The grill has several interesting and modern features, especially the Slide and Grill technology, which enables you to expose your food to direct flames by activating the grill mode, giving you access to up to 650F of direct heat. There are plenty of convenience features as well, including an easy ash cleanout system, a bright digital display easily visible under a bright sun, and sear box compatibility.

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Build Quality And Construction

Both Traeger and Camp Chef use high-quality materials, including stainless steel and cast iron. The carts/stands are sturdy and durable, and the fit-and-finish is always top-notch.

Where Traeger has an edge is the double-wall construction found on the Ironwood and Timberline Series grills. This extra layer helps better regulate the temperature inside by providing a barrier from the temperature outside.


Both are great, but Traeger wins this round.

Is Camp Chefs Slide And Grill Technology Useful

Camp Chef Pellet Grill Controllers Features & Differences | Camp Chef

If you want to elevate their experience of cooking or grilling outdoors, then this Camp Chef Slide and Grill technology are definitely what you are looking for.

The ability to have access to the firebox and do direct flame grilling is something that everyone should experience.

While it is true that you get a unique and quite delicious flavor in your food when you infuse it with smoke, however, being able to have the ability and, of course, the versatility to be able to use an open flame broil is surely unlike anything that you might have ever seen before, especially not on the market.

You have the option to bring versatility to your dinner table by either slowly cooking the rack of ribs that you have, or you could even bring up the temperature just by sliding over the deflector plate and going on ahead to cooking burgers for your whole family.

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Do I Need The Camp Chef Slide And Grill Technology

The Camp Chef Slide and Grill Technology bring more to the outdoor grilling and cooking experience with your family.

As long as you are looking to make this experience more enjoyable, not just for you, but for the whole family, with some delicious food, of course, this is definitely what you want.

Moreover, with the pellet grills from Camp Chef, not only do you get all of the benefits of using a pellet grill, but you also get the Slide and Grill technology from them.

It is like a bonus addition to the already great outdoor cooking experience that you are given from the pellet grills made by Camp Chef.

While many people might also think that you end up with a lot more grease and meat in the firepot, which might also foul up your igniter, it still does not change the fact that this is an experience that is quite fun.

Being able to grill in a smoker just by the pull of a knob does sound quite versatile and useful.

If you think that you need this versatility on their family dinner table, then Camp Chef makes sure that you get it.

Sg 24 Wifi Grilling Performance

When it comes to grilling, most pellet grills provide basic performance at best and the SG24 is no exception. While it is touted to facilitate direct heat grilling, it is difficult to get the unit to reach temperatures above 500F and that is just not enough to achieve a sizzling grill. Searing is out of the question and you have to be satisfied with grilling small items like burgers if you want results worth writing home about.

A judicious option is to add the optional sear box accessory which sits to the side and provides a dazzling hot flame using LPG fuel. This can open up various grilling and searing opportunities.

Can a Camp Chef Pellet Grill Sear a Steak?

Whenever we do a long term test on a pellet grill, we test the searing capabilities of the grill. I tried it on the SG 24 WIFI. Since it has the slide and grill feature that allows direct fire heat to the grills, I had high hopes for its searing potential.

As you can see in the photo above, we have some reasonable sear marks in the steak. I did not get that crust that I get when Im using my gas grill on high heat or when I pan sear a steak. I feel the Camp Chef did better at searing compared to other pellet grill manufacturers but it still does not achieve the sear a steak deserves.

Thankfully, Camp Chef offers their Sidekick attachments that allow you to mount a small gas grill to the pellet grill. The Sidekick grill will definitely sear a steak better than the pellet grill itself. More on the Sidekick below.

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Unique Features: Ash Clean

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX offers many attributes that are normally only available on much pricier grills. They made the product much more enjoyable to use.

The ash clean-out system made cleaning the grill and removing any stray pellets much simpler. With other smokers that lack this feature, wed need to clean the grill after about 50 hours of smoking, and that usually involves disassembly and a vacuum.

The ash clean-out system made cleaning the grill and removing any stray pellets much simpler.

Wed probably rarely use the pellet purge system, but it came in handy if and when we needed to clear the hopper and auger for transport or cleaning.

What Is Camp Chefs Patented Ash Cleanout

Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker with Fold Down Front Shelf Wood ...

The patented ash cleanout is by far and away one of the most defining aspects of every Camp Chef Pellet Grill. This system uses an integrated pull knob to release trapped ash into an easily removable container for quick cleaning.

If youre a pellet grill owner or have done a bit of research, youll know cleaning out old ashes can be a huge pain. Most competing designs require you to vacuum out old ashes or scoop them up by hand. Both methods are dirty, time consuming, and can throw a wrench in your weekend plans.

Having the ability to clean out old ashes in a matter of seconds should not be underestimated. If youre feeling lazy, the ash cleanout system can make the difference between a delicious smoked brisket and lukewarm instant Ramen. Additionally, running a clean pellet grill is much safer and far more efficient.

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Stainless Steel Lids Stronger Support Legs And Larger Hopper Capacity

The Woodwind models are fitted with stainless steel grill lids and stainless steel chimney cowls. However, dont be under the impression that the Woodwind models feature stainless steel internal components as they currently dont.

Hence, the use of stainless steel on the Woodwind models is not that extensive. Therefore, while it has its benefits for making it easier to keep the lid clean I wouldnt place too much emphasis on it to choose a Woodwind model over a SmokePro model.

I will also note, the Woodwind models feature more sturdy legs which again has its benefits but I dont think its a significant difference. The same goes for the 22lb pellet hopper over the 18lb hoppers on some cheaper SmokePro models.

What Can Be Improved

Overall, I was very impressed with the Woodwind.

The overall grilling experience has been a delight – however, there are a few things that I would change if I had the chance.

There seem to be a few problems with the temperature accuracy. It doesnt happen often, and it isnt a big deal however, I have noticed a slight variance with the temperature the grill is using and the one I set it to. It is still much more manageable than a charcoal grill.

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Can I Switch My Camp Chef Product From Propane To Natural Gas

Each individual product is different. Most stoves , fire pits, flat top grills, propane smoke vaults can be converted. Please note that the Sidekick can, but the Sear Box cannot. We are happy to give conversions when applicable. However, the warranty description states that any altercations made, voids the manufacturer warranty.

Smokepro Vs Woodwind Similarities And Small Differences

The Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24 Pellet Grill Review – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

When the Woodwind range was launched by Camp Chef in 2017 there was a clear difference in specifications between those models and the existing SmokePro range. For instance, the Woodwind models were the only ones to benefit from PID temperature control technology and a WiFi connection to the Camp Chef connect app.

However, now every model in the SmokePro range comes fitted with a version of the Gen 2 PID control panel which is also offered as a retrofit option to existing SmokePro owners. However, it is important to note that not all versions of the Gen 2 PID control panel come with WiFi/Camp Chef Connect support.

For example, as can be seen in the table above, while the SmokePro SE 24, XT 24 and DLX 24 all come with a Gen 2 PID control those panels do not have WiFi communication built-in, so cannot take advantage of the Camp Chef app.

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Camp Chef Pellet Grill Recommendations

In a perfect world, youd have weeks to research pellet grills, call up manufacturers, and test out various models. In reality, though, most of you just want to know which grill is best for your own backyard. Weve done the hard work and boiled Camp Chefs nine models down to the top three. While each Camp Chef Pellet Grill has its own advantages, be it price, functionality, or size. We feel the below models are going to generally be your best bet. If you keep scrolling down, however, we have done complete reviews for every pellet grill in the Camp Chef lineup.

Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill

The Spruce Eats / Justin Park

We purchased the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Camp Chef is a Utah-based company that has produced outdoor and camping cookware for over 20 years, starting with camping stoves and adding cast iron pans and more recently pellet smokers to their offerings. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX sports many features that other budget-priced pellet smokers skip. We set out to see if these features could set this Camp Chef pellet grill apart in the category, cooking everything from dry rub chicken drumsticks and lightly smoked salmon to low n slow classic pork shoulder over several weeks.

The Spruce Eats / Justin Park

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What Kind Of Wood Do You Use For Your Pellets Do You Use Any Additives In Your Pellets

We use 100% all-natural, virgin hardwood that comes from trees in the US to make our pellets. We DO NOT use any type of wood that may contain any chemicals, glue, or anything at all added. Our pellets are not comprised of any recycled wood or wood that may contain construction material by-products or waste such as particle board, sheeting or any construction grade material. Only 100% all-natural, virgin hardwood. We do not add any additional flavoring additives either, so your food is left with the flavor you intended. That delicious, pure, natural wood smoked flavor.

Best Budget Camp Chef Pellet Grill Smokepro Stx

Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker with Fold Down Front Shelf Woo ...

As an entry level pellet grill, the Camp Chef SmokePro STX is the perfect mix of price and performance. Whether youre thinking about buying your first grill or just want to upgrade your current one, the STX makes for a great choice. Even though its got an amazingly low price tag, youll find it comes with an automated auger, integrated meat probe and high quality LED display for superior performance.

While you wont be able to cook for an entire wedding, the SmokePro STX is more than large enough for typical family gatherings and summertime parties. Plus, due to its smaller form factor, its easier to move, store, and cover if your area is prone to storms and high winds. Looking for a budget pellet grill? Get the STX and you wont look back.

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Camp Chef Woodwind Assembly

Assembly of the Woodwind is straightforward. The instructions included by Camp Chef are detailed and easy to follow, allowing for quick assembly. With a helping hand, I was able to assemble the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 with basic hand tools in well under an hour.

Camp Chef is well known for its incredible service! If you have any issues with your grill, make sure to give them a call and theyll take care of you!

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill Review

SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Learn more.

The Camp Chef Woodwind is one of the most highly recommended pellet grills on the market today.

You can pick one up for well under $1000, and because its been available for a few years there are no teething issues .

Camp Chef has continued to improve the grill with the release of the Gen 2 digital PID controller and a range of useful accessories and attachments.

In this review, Ill be sharing my experiences cooking on the Woodwind over the last few months.

Update: Camp Chef just released the Woodwind Pro that promises offset smoker flavor with the convenience of a pellet grill. We are in the process of reviewing the new grill and will update you once weve had time to try it out properly.

Camp Chef sent me this grill for free in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Should you buy the Camp Chef Woodwind?
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