How To Grill Lobster Tails On Charcoal Grill

Master Grilling Lobster Tails With Our Ready To Grill Tails

Grilled Lobster Tails The Easy Way Using Charcoal For Beginners

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How To Find The Perfect Tails

The easiest way to get optimal tails is to buy them prepackaged, frozen, and grill-ready. Then, Its up to you to defrost, season, and cook them. As for the ideal size, well, its a matter of personal preference. The biggest that youll find goes between 16 to 20 oz and is considered jumbo. Smaller pieces are usually around 6 or 7 oz. The best place to get the freshest lobster is from where you can get the best Maine lobster delivered directly to your front door.

Finding The Perfect Lobster Tails For The Grill

Make a big splash this grilling season with our ready to grill lobster tails. All the work is done, just defrost, add your favorite rub or marinade and grill! Be sure to check out our Lobster Tails line up featuring 6-7 oz. cold-water tails all the way up to our huge colossal tails

If you love lobster tails, and you love barbeque, be sure to take a look at our one-of-a-kind BBQ lobster tails. Whats so special about these lobster tails?

  • First, they are split and cleaned, so you do not need kitchen shears, or a chefs knife to butterfly the tails.
  • Second, only hard shell, cold water tails are used so you are guaranteed a tail full of meat.
  • Finally, each tail is tunnel frozen, locking in the fresh taste and flavor of lobster.
  • In short, these special lobster tails were made for the grill. To learn more about our barbecue lobster tails and have them shipped to you .

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    Grilling Live Lobsters Instead Of Frozen Tails

    For grilling live lobsters please review our live lobster grill guide. It contains tips on selecting the right lobsters and explains how to prep them for the grill. Although not a grill recipe per se, we include a clambake recipe you can make on your backyard grill! Are you more of a purist? Learn how to boil and steam whole, live lobsters.

    Live lobster grilling recipes:

    Complete Casual Grilled Lobster For Dinner

    How To Grill A Lobster Tail » Juicy Grilled Lobster Tails ...

    After you smell the aroma and the lobster meat has turned milky white, bring the lobster onto a plate serving with your favorite herbs. Cutting off a few slices of lemon juice is perfect. Or if you want to try more side dishes without knowing what to serve with lobster, read our blog!

    Without going to the restaurant, you can also serve grilled lobster for the whole family. Delicious and nutritious food is not too difficult to make. Our shares about how to grill lobsters above also bring you the best lobster grilling! Wish you success with this dish!

    Visit our blog for more useful tips related to the lobster. Feel free to contact us via the below contact information if you have any further questions or requests.

    Address: 849 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103. Tel: +1 772-3565.

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    Charcoal Or Gas Fresh Or Frozen

    As the size of the lobster tails, the type of grill is also a matter of individual preference. However, there are some objective differences here that everyone trying to choose between gas and charcoal should know. The charcoal grill gives the meat that lovely smokiness you cant get with any other medium of food preparation. On the other hand, its much less convenient to use than the gas grill. Its difficult to control the heat, and the entire process may get messy.

    The differences in taste between frozen and raw lobster arent astronomical, but the level of convenience is. Ideally, fresh tails need to be bought and consumed on the same day, while frozen ones can sit in your freezer for a couple of months. When it comes to skewering and grilling them, theres no difference at is dedicated to providing live Maine lobsters and premium seafood to white tablecloth restaurants, hotels, and large institutions throughout the United States. Available year-round from a sustainable fishery and locally caught by independent lobstermen. We specialize in Live Maine lobster and frozen lobster tail delivery.

    Serve Up A Casual Grilled Lobster Dinner

    Place your lobsters on a large platter and serve with plenty of butter and lemon wedges. You can pre-crack the claws with the chef knife. For a casual affair cover table with the local newspaper and lay some shell crackers and seafood forks on the table so your guests can dig in.


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    Tips For Cooking The Grilled Lobster Tail

    My only tip for cooking the grilled lobster tails is to add the butter sauce! The chive butter sauce below is one of my favorites to add on seafood. Butter makes steak, seafood, and more better.

    In fact, adding sauce to anything is delicious! While the chive butter sauce is totally optional, it makes lobster tails incredibly good. Definitely make the Grilled Lobster Tails with a decent amount of butter on top!

    How To Grill Lobster Tails: A Quick Beginners Guide

    Charcoal Smoked Lobster Tails, BBQ Lobster, Grilled Lobster

    Grilled lobster tails come with a hefty price tag in fine dining restaurants, but did you know that theyre inexpensive to make at home?

    You can easily enjoy buttery, silky, and ABSOLUTELY scrumptious lobster meat for less than half the priceall you need are the right grilling techniques to get started.

    So, bring out your fancy dinnerware, dust off your formalwear, and start firing up that big ol grill. Let our team show you how to grill lobster tails perfectly!

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    Whats The Best Way To Butterfly Lobster Tails For Grilling

    This method is great for the hotter cooking methods as it allows the tail meat to absorb the complementary smoky tastes from grilling. Butterfly lobster tails also make it easy to marinade in advance, and baste while cooking.

  • With kitchen shears, cut the upper shell down the center from the big end to where it meets the tail fan, but be sure to leave the fan-tail and the bottom shell intact.
  • Use your fingers to pull apart and spread the shell halves apart so you can see the tail meat in the shell.
  • Lift the top part of the meat through the split in the shell while leaving the rest of the meat nestled in the partially open shell. The end result will look like its sprouting wings!
  • Interested in the other ways to prepare lobster? Read our article on the different ways to cook and prepare lobster.

    Is Lobster Better Steamed Or Grilled

    I prefer to grill lobster rather than steam it. When you steam lobster, it can get a little water logged which dilutes the flavor of the meat. Grilled lobster has a lot more flavor, and is just as easy to make as the steamed version. Another great option is to broil your lobster tails in the oven.

    Once you try these grilled lobster tails, youll never want to eat this delicacy any other way! This recipe is easy enough for a busy weeknight, yet elegant enough to serve to company.

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    To Grill Your Lobster Tails:

    Fire up your grill to a high heat. For this and any seafood really, once the grill is hot run your grill brush over it, just to be sure it is good and clean. We dont find it necessary to oil our grill grates but feel free to take that step as well. If you have a sauce pot or cheese melting tray for your grill throw a chunk of butter into it.

    Once your grill is ready, set your sauce pot off to the side and place your lobster tails meat side down over direct high heat. Press down on the center of the shell to make sure that they are laying flat. Let them cook for around 3 minutes, and not much longer than that or they might burn. Flip the tails to shell side down and flatten again. Remove from direct heat or turn down your heat to a medium heat.

    From here there can be a large time differential depending on the heat of your grill and the size of your lobster tails. To be perfectly cooked the meat in the center of the tail should be 145 degrees. So check your temp right after flipping the tails. That being said, these 10 ounce tails took an additional 4 minutes to reach optimal temperature.

    At 145 degrees your lobster meat will be firm on the outside and light and flaky on the inside on the large end. In fact I have never had lobster meat this light and falling apart in my life.

    Grilled Lobster Cooking Times

    Grilled Lobster Tails With Zesty Butter

    When the grill is at medium heat, not high heat, place the halves of your lobster flesh side up with the shells on the grate. Season the lobster meat with salt and pepper and with a pastry brush paste the shell and exposed meat with olive oil or your favorite butter mixture. Close the grill and cook for about 3-6 minutes. Quickly baste with more butter or oil and cook for an additional 4-5 minutes. We do not suggest flipping the lobster as you will lose all the juices. The oil or butter not only keeps the lobster moist, but it will also help char the shell making it easier to crack.

    Since lobsters cook quickly keep a close eye on the grill. Again, cooked too long, theres no turning back. One or two minutes too long and the meat will dry out and be tough. The meat is done when it starts to firm up and turns opaque white. It is important to note that your lobsters will continue to cook even after they are removed from the grill.

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    Grilled Lobster Tail Recipe

    Making some epic BBQ should be easy, and Hey Grill Hey is here to help! Im all about helping you make better BBQ, feed the people you love, and become a backyard BBQ hero. If you want to see more of my recipes, tips, and behind the scenes action, follow along on my social channels. You can find me on , , and !

    What Sides Should I Serve With Lobster Tails

    Some popular sides that go well with lobster tails are actually more meat. Lobster goes well with steak, shrimp, or other seafood dishes like clambakes.

    Check out how we do surf and turf in the north east.

    If youre looking for the lobster tail to be the main dish, vegetable sides like mashed potatoes or grilled asparagus make for a great side dish and recipes are easy to find. If you want to boost your presentation, lay the lobster on a bed of lemon rice. We dont recommend grilling the rice.

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    Directions Grilled Lobster Tails At Home

    Time needed: 20 minutes.

    If you can light a grill, you can grill lobster tails. Our simple recipe will walk you through grilling frozen lobster tails butterfly style. Be careful! You do not want to overpower the sweet, delicate flavor of the lobster meat.

  • Thaw tails in the refrigerator.

    Be sure your lobster tails are fully defrosted. Its best to defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

  • Prepare the grill.

    Prior to starting the grill, pour a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and lightly coat the grill rack . Prepare a medium-hot fire in a charcoal or gas grill. As the grill heats, prepare lobster tails.

  • Prep Lobster Tails

    Set each lobster tail on a cutting board with the translucent membrane down, curve shell facing up. With kitchen shears or a heavy knife, cut through the curved shell and meat, leaving the membrane intact. Open the tail gently like a book so its hinged in the center.

  • Season Lobster Tails

    Use about 1 teaspoon of olive oil for each lobster tail rub onto the cut surfaces of the lobster meat, and season to taste with salt and pepper. The olive oil keeps the lobster from drying out on the grill.

  • Grill Lobster Tails

    Place lobster tails on the grill, meat-side up. Grill tails with grill lid closed, until the meat is opaque, about 6-8 minutes, turning once. Be careful not to overcook!

  • Serve Tails

    Squeeze fresh sliced lemon half over lobster and drizzle and serve with melted unsalted butter. Try pairing grilled lobster with a nice steak or fresh shrimp!

  • Grilling 4 Oz Lobster Tails

    How to Grill Lobster Tails

    How To Grill 4 Oz Lobster Tails? If you see lobster tails in the seafood case, grab a few for a delicious meal. In this article, you will find out how to grill 4 oz lobster tails. Grilling a lobster tail is pretty simple. It only takes a grill, some skewers, and a little butter to make this. Read on to find out the recipe in detail.

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    How To Prepare Lobster Tails For Grilling

    To thaw the lobster tails, place them in the refrigerator the night before you plan on grilling them. You can also thaw them by placing them in a resealable plastic bag and placing them in a sink full of cold water. Change the water every 15 minutes for 1 1/2 hours or until the tails are fully thawed. They should be pliable. You CANNOT thaw them in the microwave please. )

    Once thawed, pat them dry and then cut the top of the shell lengthwise from top just to where the tail starts. Using a sharp knife, place it in the cut and slice through the meat stopping when you get to the bottom shell. Pry the shell away from the meat and then flatten using your hands.

    To ensure that the meat stays flat, run a wooden skewer through the meat lengthwise.

    All thats left to do is drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

    Preparing Live Lobster For The Bbq

    You can grill whole lobster without prepping them as some chefs do, but we suggest splitting them to allow the smokiness of the grill flavor to come through. According to tests by Cooks Illustrated, a split lobster was the best way to get the real grill flavor and maximize the sweet flavor of the lobster meat.

    Now with no danger of getting pinched, remove the bands from the claws. Place your chilled or blanched lobster on its underside and with the tip of a sharp chef knife start behind the eyes at the head and split the lobster lengthwise all the way through the tail. Use a good pair of kitchen shears to help cut through the tail section. Remove the small grey sac behind the head, the jet black roe , and the green tomalley and discard. Also remove the intestinal black vein running from the stomach sac to the tip of the tail.

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    Basting Grilled Lobster Tails

    Finish cooking flesh side up, still over direct heat.

    6. At this point, its a great idea to baste the lobster with an herb butter mixture.

    7. The lobster is done when its internal temperature, checked by an instant-read thermometer, reaches 135°F.

    There you have it — a seafood extravaganza!

    For more tips check out my other blog post on grilling lobster tails and this great lobster recipe to help build your seafood grilling repertoire.

    What To Serve With Lobster Tails

    Grilled Lobster Tails

    These are delicious served with grilled veggies, a light salad, or if you looking for something more surf and turfy, try a perfectly cooked steak.

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    How To Grill Lobster Tails

    Grilling lobster tails is a great technique for that unique char flavor. Cooking lobster tails on the grill is also a great technique because you can add the grill lines on your lobster tails for an added effect for your guests. Lobster tails are unique because if you cut them the long way you won’t even have to flip your tails, you can just cook them on one side. In the grilling directions below you can add some spices before you put your lobster tails on the grill for added flavor. Be sure your tails are completely thawed before you get started, if you aren’t sure if your tails are thawed or not, please see our lobster tails thawing instructions before you start grilling. You’ll also want to make sure you have your grilling utensils handy so your tails don’t over-cook.

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