How Do You Barbecue Chicken On The Grill

How To Bbq Chicken On A Charcoal Grill

Barbeque Chicken – How to Grill a Whole Chicken

Charcoal grills remain the top performers when it comes to producing tasty seared meat. Die-hard grill fans often prefer these traditional and natural grills to propane gas ones. Besides the better-tasting results, charcoal grills tend to offer higher operating temperatures at lower costs so you will spend less on your grill cravings.

In the mood for chicken BBQ? A charcoal grill is pretty ideal for such occasions, unlocking flavors you never experienced before with other chicken grills. With Covid-19 keeping us stuck at home, there has never been a better time to dust off and fire that grill so heres how to BBQ chicken on a charcoal grill with ease

Preparation time: 2 hours .

Cooking time 1 hour 1 and a half hours.

7 to 8 lb. of chicken with bone

1 recipe spice rub of choice

1 cup of apple juice or oil for basting

1 recipe barbecue sauce of choice

Notes to Ponder

Chicken is usually hard to grill over an open fire. The soft skin, meat, and short cooking time usually mean that by the time it is cooked, half of it is burnt or, because its now burnt, its not properly cooked through. It takes time and skill to find that balance. The ideal chicken shouldnt be dry, it should be well cooked to the point that it almost falls off the bone. Sure, you can rely on the best compact BBQ with gas for a near-perfect job, but remember the smokiness from firewood or charcoal gives your chicken an extra layering of flavors that you cant get from gas.

Preparing the Chicken

Cooking Temperatures Thermometers And Food Safety

When it comes to checking the temperature of cooked chicken nothing can replace a quality digital, instant-read thermometer. They are highly accurate, fast and reliable.

I will touch on other methods to check for doneness if you dont have one, but nothing is better or safer. I STRONGLY recommend you have an instant-read digital thermometer before you cook your first piece of chicken! if you dont have one, check out our guide to the best instant read thermometers.

Now that you have a thermometer in hand, you need to know the temperature of a properly cooked piece of chicken.

Memphis Style Barbecue Sauce

In my experience, the food I see most abused when I go to a cookout is chicken. The combination of fatty skin, sweet barbecue sauce, and high heat results in what often looks like chunks of cinder. You can try scraping off that bitter, black coating, but its flavor and aromawhat I call eau dashtrayflavors the meat.

The secret to great barbecued chicken, one with moist, tender meat and sticky, pleasantly smoky skin, is to lower the heat of the fire and leave the sauce off until the last minutes of cooking. Most of the flavor comes from a spice rub thats been on the bird from the get-go and from the smoke of the fire, both of which fully permeate the meat during the long, slow cooking.

My method may take longer than most recipes for barbecued chicken, but theres less work involved . Because youre cooking over a low fire, and because the sauce doesnt go on until late in the game, you dont have to stand vigil, moving chicken pieces around a hot fire and trying in vain to stave off the inevitable flare-ups.

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How To Keep Chicken From Sticking To The Grill

Stop your chicken sticking to the grill. From canola oil to grill brushes, these four easy tricks will keep your grilled meat tender and intact.

There are few things that get under a grill masters skin more than when chicken sticks to the grill.

After slaving over the grill, to see half of it come away when trying to lift it from your grill grates can be really disheartening.

So how do we prevent this?

In short, it can be prevented with four simple tricks.

The first is to lightly cost your chicken with olive oil prior to placing it on the grill. The second is to try to keep your chicken within a temperature range of 425°F-450°F. Going above this will leave your chicken prone to sticking to the grill.

Using oil with a high smoking point will ensure that your oil doesnt reach a temperature where it starts to produce a carbon adhesive, effectively bonding the meat and grates.

Finally, time is a crucial factor. Aim to grill your chicken for 4 and a half minutes per side. If you try to flip or remove the chicken and its still sticking, just close your grills lid and give it another 30-60 seconds.

Those are the four principles to keep by. Lets take a closer look at how to always ensure your chicken never sticks to the grill.

The Best Grilled Chicken


We simplified the grilled chicken cooking process with this recipe, which leads to a smoky, super-juicy bird that is filled with the bright flavors of lemon and herbs. We spatchcocked a whole chicken to increase the surface area that makes contact with the grill and used a generous amount of herb butter to help it self-baste as it gently cooks over indirect heat.

Get the Recipe: The Best Grilled Chicken

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How Long Do You Grill Chicken Breast For

A boneless, skinless chicken breast usually weighs between 5 to 8 ounces. The cooking time is only 12 to 15 minutes. Turn them every 5 minutes to see that it does not burn. Its best to use a medium direct heat.

Grilling bone-in, skin on breast will take twice as long as boneless and skinless. Figure about 25 minutes.

Use indirect medium heat for the first half of the cook then finish on direct heat taking care not to burn the skin.

What Happens If It Doesnt Reach 165 Degrees F

There are two reasons the internal temperature must reach 165°F :

  • The first is for food safety. At or above that temperature, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria are destroyed.
  • Secondly, undercooked chicken is not palatable. The meat is soft, mushy and tasteless.
  • When discussing grilling times, we are talking about the time it takes for the internal temperature to reach 165°F .

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    The Days Of Dull Dry Chicken Are Over Learn How To Grill Chicken Breast For The Easiest Summer Dinner

    If youve never experienced a dry chicken breast, Im truly jealous. Biting into a grilled chicken sandwich or protein-packed salad and instead of that wonderfulness, tasting a dull, chalky chunk of chicken is just sad. Unfortunately, turning out tasteless poultry is a common problem, especially among new cooks. Chicken is a delicate protein that dries out fast. One minute too long on the heat can take the bird from tender and juicy to boring and blah.

    But with a few simple tips from our Test Kitchen, you dont need to worry about making dry chicken again. Well show you how to grill chicken and keep it perfectly juicy and ready for salads, sandwiches and more. Learning how to make grilled chicken has never been so easy!

    How Long To Grill Chicken Breasts

    Delicious BBQ Chicken on a Gas Grill – Basic Backyard Grilled Chicken

    According to the USDA, all poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Using an instant-read meat thermometer is really the only accurate way to gauge your chicken’s doneness. But in the case that you don’t have a thermometer, cut into the chicken and ensure that the juices run clear. Here are the estimated grilling times for chicken breasts, based on an internal temp of 165 degrees F.

    • Boneless chicken breasts: 7 to 8 minutes per side
    • Bone-in chicken breasts: 15 minutes per side

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    How To Grill Perfect Chicken Breasts On The Barbecue

    When barbecuing chicken breasts, we tend to use a high temperature and direct heat, which makes them dry and tough. To get the most out of this cut of meat on the grill, we suggest a fail-safe four-step cooking method thats easy to apply to all your chicken breast recipesand no more sticking to the grill! Get ready for a summer of chicken perfection.

    How Long Does It Take To Grill Chicken Thighs And Drumsticks

    Grill time for drumsticks and thighs takes at least 40 minutes. There are two schools of thought here.

    One method uses direct heat the entire time. Using medium-high or 450°F means youll need to turn them every 5 minutes to prevent burning.

    The other method is to use indirect heat for 30 minutes and direct heat for the last 10 minutes or so to brown them off.

    Regardless of the method you choose, if you want to add sauce, do it during the last 10 minutes, so the sugar doesnt burn.

    Its the same as cooking whole leg quarters. Look for an internal temperature of at least 180°F for best flavor and tenderness. At 190°F the meat should start to fall off the bone.

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    How Long Do You Parboil Chicken Thighs Before Grilling

    If using chicken legs or chicken thighs, you can leave them to parboil for roughly 5 minutes, which is also the case for chicken quarters. However, if using chicken wings, then you will want to leave them for 15-20 minutes for the best results!

    How Do You Cook Chicken On A Gas Grill Without Burning It

    Grilled Chicken with South Carolina

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    How Can You Tell When Grilled Chicken Breast Is Done Without A Thermometer

    The safest, and only foolproof, way to check if chicken is done cooking is with a meat thermometer.

    If you dont have a meat thermometer, you can test doneness by cutting into the thickest part of the chicken. If the meat is completely white and the juices run clear, the chicken should be done cooking. However, this can cause your chicken to dry out and doesnt prevent overcooking the chicken.

    Now that you know how to grill chicken breasts, check out our best grilled chicken recipes.

    How Long Does It Take To Grill A Whole Chicken

    A whole 6-pound chicken will take 105 minutes to 150 minutes.

    The efficiency of your bbq, ambient temperature and starting temperature of the chicken contribute to the overall cooking time.

    Whether you grill it upright for beer can chicken, or on its back, the preferred temperature range for your grill is 200-300°F . This is a long, slow cooking process, that will take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the bird and how well your grill maintains temperature.

    However, if you spatchcock the chicken, you can reduce the time significantly!

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    If you spatchcok a chicken, because the overall thickness of any part is severely reduced, and heat can get more readily to every part of the bird, you can reduce the cooking time for a whole bird down to 30 to 40 minutes!

    Just remember the thermometer tells you when the chicken is done, not the clock! Use a reliable thermometer and make sure every part is cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit..

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    What Temperature Should I Grill Chicken In The Oven

    Slide the pan under broiler, and broil chicken on one side until you begin to see dark brown charred spots, 5 to 7 minutes. Flip, and sear the second side until also browned, another 3 to 5 minutes or so. Adjust the oven rack: Turn the oven to 350°F and reposition the rack in the middle of the oven.

    Should You Marinate Brine Or Rub Before Cooking Does It Affect The Cooking Time

    BBQ Chicken Thighs on Grill Grates

    Wet marinades and wet brining add flavor but can increase the cooking time for the skin on chicken. It takes longer for the skin to dry before it can brown.

    Boneless cuts of chicken take the same amount of time, marinated or not.

    Dry rubs for chicken will help the skin to dry and will not affect cooking time.

    Keep in mind that good old salt and pepper are the simplest yet best grilling seasonings. The smoke from the charcoal while grilling will overpower more delicate flavorings like herbs. And, if you plan on slathering with sauce at the end, youll just mask the other flavors from the marinade or rub.

    While this guide works well, it still comes down to what the thermometer says. You cant rush quality.

    I hope the information here helps you the next time you grill your chicken, whole or parts. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and I hope you found this article helpful.

    Happy grilling!

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    How Do You Shred Boiled Chicken

    Can you boil frozen chicken to shred?Do you rinse marinade off chicken before cooking?Should I poke holes in chicken before marinating?How do you make chicken more flavorful?At what temperature should I grill chicken in oven?How long do you cook chicken on the BBQ?What temperature should chicken be cooked to in the oven?

    Average Grill Temperatures And What They Mean

    When a recipe says grill over medium heat, what do they mean?

    If you arent familiar with the various temperature levels used in grilling, heres a handy guideline showing the average temperatures. Make sure you have a good wireless digital thermometer to check and monitor the temperature at the grill grates.

    • Low heat 250-275°F
    • High 500-650°F
    • Cremation 650+°F

    Cooking chicken too fast or too hot will end up burning the skin but leaving the meat undercooked, ugh!

    So, the correct chicken cooking temperature will be in medium range, to cook it long enough without burning.

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    Ready To Hit The Grill

    Us too! Try some of PWWBs Top Grilling Recipes ASAP!:

    Follow along with Plays Well With Butter on , , & for more easy, modern recipes & fun!

    How To Grill Chicken Thighs


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    Grilling chicken thighs is an easy way to make a delicious meal. Season the chicken however you like it, then place the thighs on the grill, paying careful attention to the temperature and time so the chicken doesn’t get dry. Once the chicken thighs are cooked, you can add your favorite sauce and some garnishes to make this tasty dish even better.

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    How To Make Grilled Bbq Chicken Thighs:

    Place the chicken thighs into a large bowl. Sprinkle the garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, and pepper over the thighs. Toss to coat the chicken in the spices. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to marinate for 2 hours or use immediately.

    Preheat the grill to medium heat and oil the grates. Once the grill is hot, place the chicken thighs, skin side down. Do not touch it for 7 minutes, or you can move them at a 45-degree angle to form diamond grill marks halfway through.

    Flip the thighs over and let cook for 3 minutes. Brush the chicken on the side facing up lightly with bbq sauce, cook for an additional 3 minutes.

    Flip the chicken again, and brush lightly with more bbq sauce on this side. Cook for 2 minutes. Flip one last time, and brush again with bbq sauce, the skin side should be up at this point. Continue to cook until an internal temperature reaches 165°F. About 20 total minutes on the grill.

    Serve immediately.

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