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Big Green Egg – Prices & Sizes – Ceramic Smoker Grill

Probably one of the best features of the Egg, is the fact that almost every part of the Egg can be replaced if damaged, broken or lost. This includes:

  • The Big Green Egg Grill. This is also known as the grid but not to be confused with the optional cast iron grids.
  • Draft door
  • Fire grate
  • Ceramic damper top

and more at the time of writing this review. Please see your warranty for the exact coverage for your particular egg.

There are several warranties on the Big Green Egg, which differs with the different types of components. You should register and print a copy of your warranty:

  • Warranty Page:
  • Customers are encouraged to check that their Egg says that it is a Big Green Egg. Cheap imitations can be found in stores and online.

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    The Best Kamado Grill For 2021

    We thoroughly tested a group of popular kamado grills from Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Char-Griller and others. These are our picks.

    Kamados are capable cookers that can handle nearly any backyard grilling task you throw their way. If you have the practice and the skills, a kamado grill can run rings around your standard gas grill. It also makes wood-fired cooking easy, a technique that yields delectable results.

    Typically made from ceramics, these grilling champs boast amazing heat retention. A little amount of fuel goes a long way, allowing you to run a kamado cooker at slow and low temperatures all day long. Plus, you can fire up your grill to become scalding hot. Im talking hot enough to cook authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. A kamado griller is also great for searing true steakhouse-style steak and, honestly, just about anything youd consider grilling.

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    The Big Green Egg is the most high-profile example of a traditional kamado grill and kamado smoker, but rival kamado manufacturers such as Kamado Joe, Char-Griller, Vision and Char-Broil round out this category of grills. Tempted to add one to your outdoor kitchen arsenal and become a hardcore griller? I put the Big Green Egg and its four major grilling competitors to the test to find the best kamado grill out there heres what I found.

    Ribs, chicken, burgers: You name it, we cooked it.

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    What Is The Big Green Egg Grill

    The Big Green Egg popularized a type of grillthat originated in East Asia. American soldiers encountered the kamado grillduring World War II, and found themselves enamored with the unique features ofit.

    While a standard charcoal grill requires moremaintenance for certain levels of heat, the Big Green Eggs predecessors wereused for a variety of cooking methods. The grill did not just center on meat,but instead could cook rice in a pot inside the grill while simultaneouslygrilling whatever its user desired.

    The versatility was not the only benefit, asthe ceramic grill could safely rise to impressive heat levels and remain therewith complete stability. They utilized charcoal just the same as a standardgrill, but the results were far more tender and flavorful.

    When soldiers returned home from the war,several of them brought these ceramic grills back. It was a moment of culturalintegration that was utilized by the Big Green Eggs creators in 1974, when EdFisher launched the company in Atlanta, Georgia.

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    Can You Leave Big Green Egg Unattended

    A Big Green Egg is designed to remain closed while cooking, using the patented air control devices to regulate temperature. Leaving the dome open will accelerate the flame and temperature to levels that are counterproductive to cooking properly and can be dangerous if left unattended.

    For Direct Grilling Preheat The Egg To 600 To 700 Degrees

    Big Green Egg Prices for 2018 * New Updates*

    For direct grilling , have all the coals lit, open the bottom and top vents wide, and preheat the Egg to 600 to 700 degrees. Sear the steak on the grate for 2 minutes per side , then lower the lid. Heres where the genius of the Egg comes in: The juices drip on the coals, sending fragrant smoke up to the steak. The lowered lid traps the smoke and seals in the moisture. It also speeds up the cooking time7 minutes in all should do it.

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    What Are The Available Models

    • Model
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States
  • Solid company with a reputation for innovation and craftsmanship, established in 1996
  • Unique oval shape with split, multi-level cooking grates
  • Available in 25″ x 18.5″, 22″ x 15″, 18.5″ x 13.5″ and 18.5″ diameter
  • Many grill accessories available, several included with All-In-One Series
  • Which One Is Best

    It can go without saying that determining the best grill, ultimatelyis a matter of circumstance and opinion. Some people might find that they wanta grill that they can simply turn on, put some meat on to cook, and clean upeasily afterwards. Some people prefer the freedom offered by grills such as theBig Green Egg.

    If you are looking for something that is easy to use, manage, and maintain, then you should absolutely be looking at the gas grill as the grill of your choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for capability and versatility and the freedom to cook many more types of food, then you might want to consider investing in the Big Green Egg.

    Keep in mind that many people who are truly passionate about grilling will take the best of both worlds, investing in both of these grills for their respective benefits.

    –If you want more backyard tips including recipes, how-tos and more, make sure you

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    Green Egg Cooker Cost

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    Big Green Egg Grill: Are They Worth The Money

    Should you BUY a BIG GREEN EGG? PROs vs CONs!

    Even to a novice barbecue enthusiast, somegrill names have the advantage of being universally recognizable. This isespecially true for the iconic ceramic, or kamado, style grill the BigGreen Egg. The BGE garnered attention as the first of its kind in the states.

    Not every product thats first to the markethas the luxury of becoming so synonymous with its brand, yet the Big Green Eggremains known to this day.

    In spite of nearly fifty years since itsorigination, the Big Green Egg still remains one of the most accessible kamadogrills, and one of the most durable. While many grills appeal to either novicesor accomplished backyard veterans, the Big Green Egg is a fantastic choice forboth.

    So, what makes the Big Green Egg so enticing and expensive?

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    The Big Green Egg Vs Char

    Either of these grills would bring the heat at your next cookout!

    That said, a Big Green Egg will run you anywhere from $600 for a travel-sized grill all the way up to $1,200+ for an extra large grill. Plus, you can only buy these at select retailers in-store, theres no convenience of ordering it and having it shipped to your door. Thats enough to make your plans go up in smoke!

    I discovered this highly-rated grill on Amazon, and starting at right around $158, you can enjoy one in your own backyard! Compared to the Big Green Egg, the cooking surface for this grill is between a medium- and small-sized grill, which means youll be saving between $500 and $700 by choosing the knockoff.

    I can already smell the food cooking with savings like that! Aside from the amazing price differences, here are some other reasons why I love the Char-Griller AKORN Jr. grill:

    • Its portable Take it on your next adventure camping, RVing, or tailgating.
    • Dual air-flow dampers Maintain airflow and precise heat control.
    • Triple wall steel Its insulated and built to last, so your grilling experience is exceptional.
    • It uses less charcoal Use less than the average grill for excellent flavor.
    • Easy dump ash pan Enjoy fast and easy clean up when grilling.
    • Comes in two colors If red isnt your thing, you can order black, too!

    Is The Big Green Egg Grill Worth It

    CR put this $1,000 kamado cooker to the test to see how it stacks up against less expensive competitors

    When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

    We arent here to judge the cultural phenomenon that has formed around the Big Green Egg since its 1970s debut. Lets just say that this ceramic beast of a charcoal grill and smoker has hatched numerous copycat cookers and die-hard devotees who call themselves Eggheads.

    We can, however, evaluate its performance and help you answer the question: Does anyone really need to drop $1,000 on the Big Green Egg? Especially when competitive kamado grills can be had for as little as $300, not to mention that some great gas grillsas well as the top-rated charcoal grills from our testsstart around $100.

    But the Big Green Egg was never trying to supplant gas and charcoal grills and, frankly, its design has little in common with traditional grills.

    Rather than adjusting gas burners or arranging charcoal briquettes as you would in a conventional charcoal grill to concentrate heat, you fill a kamado grills lower hemisphere to capacity with lump hardwood charcoal. Once the coals are going, the design starts to make sense: Cast-ceramic walls an inch thick and a heavy lid with a heatproof gasket team up to trap heat. That allows you to use the dampers to precisely control the temperature.

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    What Makes Kamado Grills Special

    Kamado grills are known for allowing the userto keep a sustained temperature for a long period of time. Thats due to thembeing built out of clay or ceramic , depending on the manufacturer. While traditionally theywere built out of clay, the Big Green Egg is built out of thick ceramic.

    This is one of the reasons why they are somuch more expensive than traditional charcoal barbeque grills. Whereas acharcoal grill is a fairly simple thing, it isnt as easy to build large grills made out of ceramic.

    Yet, the benefit is obvious: ceramic is abetter insulator, which means that kamado grills typically perform better thancharcoal ones built from metal. A kamado grill can hold a steady temperaturewithout finicking with coals or fancy igniters.

    Typically, these grills are also larger andheavier while Big Green Egg makes smaller grills, chances are if youve seenone before, youve probably seen one in their Large or XL sizes. These grillsarent just large in size, theyre also heavy: so much so that you typicallyneed a special stand to accommodate them. You wouldnt just want to lift onearound by yourself, or just stick one on a typical outdoor table.

    A simple look into the fanatical communitiesrevolving around kamado style grills will yield a staggering number of obsesseddevotees who claim nothing comes close to their performance. Barbecuers fromall skill levels seem capable of wielding a control over their final productsthat leaves the mouth watering.

    Kamado Joe Vs Big Green Egg: Battle For The Best Kamado Grill

    The Community
    • 11

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    • 11

    Kamado-style ceramic grills have been a core part of human culinary development for around 3000 years now.

    Even if youve not heard of a Kamado, there is a good chance youve seen or heard of the Big Green Egg.

    Theyre kind of hard to miss.

    The Big Green Egg company has been the biggest provider of kamado grills in the U.S for the last 40 years. However, they are now facing some competition in the form of Kamado Joe , a brand whose innovative approach is winning them a lot of popularity.

    Having taken a close look at both brands and compared their top-of-the-line grills, weve decided that, on balance, we prefer Kamado Joe.

    Read on, and well explain why.

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    Can I Use Regular Charcoal In A Big Green Egg

    Yes, you can use regular charcoal in a Big Green Egg. However, please make sure not to use lighter fluid or charcoal dipped in quick lighting solutions. We recommend the Big Green Egg organic lump charcoal, which costs around $19.99 for a large bag. The lump charcoal is healthier, burns cleanly, and achieves the desired temperature faster than most other fuel types.

    Features Face To Face

    For the purposes of comparing the two brands, weve chosen two grills of a similar size and with similar functions, in this case, the Big Green Egg Large and Kamado Joe Classic III.

    Well be comparing their warranty, build quality, the accessories they come with, and the customer support and community engagement associated with each brand.

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    How Does The Big Green Egg Compare To Similar Models

    Full disclosure, I havent tested any other kamado-style grills, but from what I can find online, the Big Green Egg has a loyal fan base and for good reason. Not only did Big Green Egg introduce kamado-style grills to the US, but theyre designed to be very easy-to-use, made from top-quality materials, and offer a range of sizes for every household.

    That said, other kamado grills have become popular like the Coyote and Primo grills. The Primo grill is similar in features and size options to the Big Green Egg, while the Coyote grill runs on the smaller side. Kamado Joe is probably the second-most-known kamado grill on the market. The brand differs from Big Green Egg in that it offers additional features like a multi-tier cooking system, air lift hinge that reduces the domes weight, and extra accessories like a rotisserie attachment.

    The prices are similar among all kamado-style grills so if you think you can save more with one over another, thats probably not the case. The one way that Big Green Egg stands out from competitors is the fact that it uses a local distribution network. As I mentioned before, you cant buy a Big Green Egg at retailers like Costco, Walmart, or Amazon, which do sell other types of kamado grills. Potential buyers could see this as a roadblock, especially if there isnt a Big Green Egg distributor near their home. However, there are some major benefits to Big Green Egg using a local distributor.

    Detailed Test Results For The Big Green Egg

    Which Big Green Egg is right for you?

    Kamado grills, including the Big Green Egg, are designed to maintain low temperatures for long, slow cooking and produce a roaring fire for searing steaks or grilling pizzas. When we tested the Big Green Egg for both capabilities, it did extremely well, like the other grills in its class.

    Become a member to read the full article and get access to digital ratings.

    We investigate, research, and test so you can choose with confidence.

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    The Big Green Egg Vs A Gas Grill

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.–

    It can generally go without saying that choosing the right grill foryour cooking needs can take a lot of time and effort. After all, there are somany different aspects that you need to think about, such as the size of thegrill, the type of grill, and what you are going to be using the grill for. Agas grill is going to be vastly different than a grill designed for exclusivelysmoking meats.

    Out of all the grills out there, many people butt heads over two grills in particular. These grills are the Big Green Egg and the gas grill. While just about everyone who is searching for a grill knows what a gas grill is, not everyone might know what a Big Green Egg is. To put things simply, the Green Egg is a specific type of grill that is meant to charcoal grill , although it can be an oven, smoker or pizza oven if needed.

    To decide which grill is best for your needs, there are a few thingsthat you are going to need to look at and think about. First things first, youwill need to think about the purposes that each grill serves, and you will needto decide which one will suit your needs that way.

    Before you can compare these two grills, you are going to want to make sure that you know what exactly the Green Egg is.

    What Are The Extra Costs

    The Green Egg, unfortunately, cant sit on the ground once you purchase it, so a dealer will try to push either a basic nest, which is a metal stand for your egg or in some cases, dealers can build a customized stand. Depending on the size and your tastes, the cost of a nest can cost as little a $100 to as much as $500+ for a table/island.

    Other accessories, aside from the highly recommended stand, includes a cover, grilling tools, a temperature gauge and a cooking grid.

    You will need to purchase lump charcoal when you want to grill. This can be generic charcoal or Green Grill specific charcoal.

    Delivery and installation may or may not be included in your estimate and can add another $100+ to the total.

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