Small Outdoor Grill Area Ideas

Natural Small Outdoor Kitchen

10 Cheap Ideas How to Build Backyard BBQ Area

Pieces of rock become a basic idea for this sub recommendation. Add to that the flooring that comes from bricks. They suffice for the natural theme that wraps this small outdoor kitchen. Different types of ceramics become the backsplash and countertop.

Contrast the natural ambiance with stainless steel kitchen hood and cooking equipment. From cooking to baking, this small outdoor kitchen is ready to use. Interesting enough to notice that the kitchen contrasts with the modern backyard as seen from the glass doors.

The overall concept thus becomes a super fine idea to bring in natural tone amidst modernity.

Diy Grill Station Ideas You Can Build Easily On The Backyard

Who doesnt love to grill? If you dont feel like you love it, then you might not just have the right grill station set up. And that is simply not acceptable especially when there are so many easy DIY grill stations out there that you could set up for yourself! Dont worry if you do not know where to begin.

We are about to blow your mind with this offering of the best DIY grill station tutorials on the internet. We are sure that every single one of these will provide you with the perfect backyard set-up you cant go wrong no matter which tutorial you choose to follow through on.

How Often Should I Clean My Grill

The opinions on this topic are divided among cooks all around the globe. Some say that a grill cleans itself by burning the dirt and the nasty stuff away. On the other hand, there are chefs that insist on cleaning the grill every time before AND after cooking. We suggest that you take both pieces of advice with a grain of salt, because there is no need to frantically clean your grill, nor should you leave it as it is every time. It would be best to clean the grill after use, just so you make sure the grease and all the juices are removed. This way you prevent bacteria from gathering on the grill and the grate during the time you are not using it. And, before the next time you use it, just dust it off if needed, and you are ready to go!

An extra few steps can be needed for cleaning of the gas-powered grills.

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Can I Bbq On My Patio

Only if the patio isnt covered by a roof or if the deck doesnt consist of flammable materials. Grills must be placed at least ten feet away from the side of a building, unless the manufacturers instructions specify otherwise. Ascertain that grill are not positioned beneath overhanging trees. Grills are not permitted on porches, balconies, or decks that have roofs.

Create The Ultimate Entertainment Area

BBQ Shelter from Solace Garden Rooms on Facebook

The best outdoor kitchens feature an incredible entertainment area where guests can sit and chill out when the food has been served.

If you have outside walls or are building a masonry kitchen, this is a great opportunity to install bench seating. This not only looks great, but its also easy to maintain and can easily fit many guests for larger gatherings.

If you have a nice corner in your entertainment space, building or buying a corner sofa is a great way to utilize this space and make it really special. Then you can add patio umbrella to make it more comfortable.

Rattan furniture can be bought fairly cheaply and is usually weatherproof which is a bonus. Just remember to bring in the sofa throw pillows overnight!

Alternatively, if you are handy with DIY you can make bespoke seating that can fit any gap you have from recycled wood, pallets, or a timber frame and decking panels. Bespoke seating is an easy way to give your outdoor kitchen that wow factor while making sure your guests are always comfy.

Another easy way to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level is to install LED light nets across all pergolas or awnings. At night, this will give the appearance of thousands of twinkling stars looking down on you.

Or, if youre keen on wildlife, you can intertwine vines into a pergola to give you a nature-inspired feel in the seating area.

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Small And Wonderful Outdoor Kitchen

Level up your creativity despite small space for planned outdoor kitchen with this amazing idea. Within this space, this outdoor kitchen is a decoration within a backyard or a garden. You can cook simple menus, serve drinks and clean dirty dishes.

The outdoor kitchen equips itself with a coffee bar area to welcome friends and extended family members who come around for private gatherings. Wooden boards, beams, and corrugated stainless steel boards become major materials for the kitchen.

Cover the kitchen with the roof to keep meals, drinks, and people out of water drops in case heavy rain occurs.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Design

If youve ever looked into outdoor kitchens, you know there are a lot of options. If your head is swimming with sear zones, beverage stations, and far too many dollar signs, its time to embrace the age old mantra of less is more. Check out this collection of small outdoor kitchens that get the job done in limited space and on a limited budget.

Modestly-Sized, Yet High-End

This modestly-sized outdoor kitchen sits on a 10×15 bluestone patio. Designed by OLeary Landscaping in Harwich, MA, the kitchen features top-of-the-line materials and appliances. This is one benefits of reducing the size of an outdoor kitchen high-end materials are more affordable in small quantities. The base of the kitchen is faced with New England round stone, while a bluestone slab was used for the counter.

The Essentials: Grill & Fridge

Many homeowners find that a grill and small refrigerator is all they need in their backyard. For the average entertainer, the ability to barbecue and having a convenient place to grab a cold drink are sufficient. This outdoor kitchen is part of a modern backyard designed by Z Freedman Landscape Design for a bachelor living in Venice, CA. It is located near the homes indoor kitchen so that both cooking spaces can be used in conjunction.

Ample Counter Space

Grill for a Crowd

Small, But Friendly

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Outdoor Bar With Retractable Windows

This is another indoor/outdoor space. On beautiful days the windows open up to the outdoors and give guests space to lounge close to the grill. When things get cold or windy, let the windows down, and youve still got your grill space. The space has a rustic edge, using natural woods and a neutral stone countertop.

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14

How to Build the Perfect Barbecue Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

To begin with, we have simple, traditional, charcoal fueled grill from Weber. It is considered to be a portable unit, is that you do not need to bring propane tanks or to provide an electric socket for it to work. The shape of the grate is circular, and the grate itself is made of durable plated steel, which can heat up pretty fast. Steel is known to be the material that needs the least maintenance, which is always a plus when it comes to portable compact small grills.

The heat is regulated via a venting system on top, which allows you to feed or starve the fire out of oxygen, in order to raise or lower the temperature respectively. The lid on top has a sturdy, heavy-duty handle, and below the grill itself, there is an ash disposal tray installed. The grills body is made of a porcelain-steel combination, which means that it is extra durable.


  • Extra portable, weighing 9 pounds and not using outer fuel sources
  • The body is coated with porcelain, adding to the heat capacity
  • The grill grate is made of steel, which is easiest to clean an maintain


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Outdoor Grill Station On A Deck

The deck is a perfect location for an outdoor grill station. There are multiple areas you can install a grill station on it:

  • a central island,
  • along the outer edges of the deck,
  • against the house.

The universal layout out of these three is along the outer edges. It works for small and large decks as well as for attached and detached. Such a placed outdoor grill station doesnt take a lot of space.

If your goal is to create a wow factor with an outdoor grill station of yours, going with a central island may be a way to go. It is a better choice for a big deck, as it takes a lot of space, but it also brings a lot of conveniences, as the grill can be accessed from multiple sides.

Against the house might seem the most obvious choice , as it takes a small amount of space and doesnt block the view. Unfortunately, very often, it requires range hood installation .

Attached to the house deck is a super convenient location as the kitchen is usually a few steps away, so it is effortless to bring stuff out and in. Placing an outdoor grill station on a deck requires a few steps, though.

Number 1 is inspecting your deck before the installation. According to the North American Deck & Railing Association, half of the decks in the United States need to be replaced or repaired. They actually prepared a checklist you can follow to inspect the deck on your own . To be safe, it is worth paying a professional for an inspection .

Casual Small Outdoor Kitchen

Create your small outdoor kitchen into a U-shaped one as this picture suggests. Creative and casual, this kitchen utilizes wooden boards and a stainless steel countertop. They suffice for cooking and washing dirty dishes with the sink area as part of the kitchen, too.

Equip the kitchen with wooden chairs so that you can serve guests here. Engage in conversations with them while you are preparing meals or drinks.

Outdoor Kitchen Building Tips

Planning an outdoor kitchen build? In the video, we take a look at the key steps in the outdoor kitchen building process at the Watson familys home.

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Kick Back On Your Patio Or Deck With A Grill That Focuses On Fun As Much As Function

Laura GaskillHardscape Contractors1. Pull up a stool. austin outdoor design2. Accent with steel for a modern look.Tolix stoolsThe Home Improvements Group, Inc.3. Add a prep zone. The Garden Route Company4. Stay cool with a big umbrella.Sheldon Pennoyer Architects5. Make your grill a mini destination. Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction6. Add a roof for all-weather cooking. Sun Valley Landscaping7. Cook campfire-style.Rice and Brown Architects8. Try window service. Ponciano Design9. Consider a mini fridge.Stone Acorn Builders10. Slim down furniture. austin outdoor design11. Maximize your space. Sandy Koepke12. Accessorize.

Accessories And Additional Gear For Small Grills

Pin von Monica Delfina Aramburo auf barbecue ideas

It is always good to have some extra help in the form of cookware or helping surfaces around the grill. Anything the manufacturer puts in as a bonus is welcome, however, it would be best for you to discover the cookware that fits your cooking habits in the best possible way. After all, these are the tools that will help you get to flavor town. The most useful thing a grill can have onboard is foldable side tables, which you can use to put spices on or to keep your ingredients always ready to get on that grate.

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Outdoor Food Prep Station For Small Spaces

This minimalist outdoor kitchen is low fuss but high style. A ceramic smoker style grill and a glass water dispenser are the focal points of simple, open shelving in a soft grayish brown. Keep decorations to a minimum so that the graphic shapes of the grill and water dispenser stand out, and it doesnt hurt to add a touch of plant life.

Do You Have Building Space

Make sure you have the outdoor space before coming up with the backyard grill idea. Since many activities will be going on in your backyard, space plays a crucial role. Think of where you will build your grill and the cooktop.

Having set the place for grill and cooktop, remember entertainment also requires some space. Your outdoor kitchen will look excellent when it comes with a spacious counter.

Ample space will make your backyard grill look more stylish. Every requirement in your outdoor grill should have its own space to bring out the focal point.

Make sure you make use of your landscaping wisely. Put your backyard grill in a place where you can enjoy every activity in your exterior.

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Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Meghan Beierle-OBrien /

Outdoor cooking is a primal pleasure that recalls childhood campfires and simpler times. As the best chefs know, you don’t need a lot of space to create a gourmet meal. If you are lucky enough to have any amount of outdoor space, creating an open air kitchen can turn the routine of cooking meals into an opportunity to dine al fresco under the blue skies or the stars. Whether it’s a compact outdoor grill or griddle station or a fully equipped mini kitchen, check out these inspiring modestly-sized outdoor kitchens that are as functional as they are stylish.

  • 01 of 12

    This rooftop space in Williamsburg designed by Brooklyn-based landscape design firm New Eco Landscapes includes an outdoor custom kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, sink, and grill. While the generous rooftop space includes such luxuries as an outdoor shower, relaxation area, and an outdoor projector for movie nights, the kitchen has just the right amount of space and equipment for the simple cooking that an outdoor kitchen inspires.

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  • Outdoor Grill Station On A Patio

    DIY BBQ Area Makeover | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

    The patio is one of the most common locations for an outdoor grill station. There are plenty of layouts for a grill station that can be used in such a location:

    • an L-shape,
    • a U-shape,
    • irregulars.

    Plenty of patio grill stations are combined with fireplaces or fire pits. The size is limited by patio size, shape, and your needs. The exact location can vary depending on utility placement .

    To increase patio grill station longevity, it is important to protect it from elements. It can be done either by some permanent covering or material covers put on the grill station while unused.

    Did you know that

    A custom outdoor grill station cover can be ordered in places that make custom boat covers.

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    Stone Bar With Grill And Fire Pit

    This space uses formal stone to define the grill area plus gives guests a fire pit to warm up after a dip in the pool. The stonework is a simple geometric design that accentuates the rough cut stone countertops. Both the stainless steel grill and the oak-tone wood roof provides solid complements to the formal plan. Keep the space free of clutter so that youre free to enjoy the craftsmanship.

    Diy Rolling Outdoor Grill Cart

    Grilling season is the best part of summer. Making too many trips back and forth to the kitchen…not so much. This DIY grill cart is the perfect solution!

    The entire cart is made using 1x4s and pocket hole joinery. It has a shelf below for extra storage, a dowel in place for paper towels and aluminum foil and hooks to hang cooking utensils.

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    Diy Backyard Grill Patio Ideas

    A fantastic backyard grill is not always pricey. If you are short on budget but you want to get a remarkable outdoor kitchen, you can try to make it yourself.

    Begin with building the frame. You can also make it from various kinds of materials, such as brick, concrete, stainless steel, or wood.

    A wooden frame is the most cost-effective option that you can think of. It can help you get a stunning backyard grill patio without making you broke. For a more durable and sturdier structure, opt for pressure-treated pine.

    However, do not ever forget that wood is inflammable material. Therefore, apply several coats of fire retardant varnish for peace of mind.

    Once the frame is done, install the siding and the grill. Top the frame with a granite countertop. Finally, build the pergola for shade.

    Diy Grill Station With 60s Flavor

    A wonderful read on even more concerning Easy Landscape Ideas in 2020 ...

    Though this station doesnt contain a grill, the handy wheels make it easy to take to the area where the grill is located. Bars and supports that resemble iron plumbing pipes give this station an industrial feel. The station itself is roomy but still small enough to be stored in a closet or tiny garden shed during the off-season.

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    Stock Up Your Counter And Fridge

    Have you ever seen any party without drinks? I bet not. Rise to the occasion by stocking up your counter and fridge before the grilling day. Your guests will love grabbing drinks of their choice. Drinks will keep you rejuvenated throughout the time. You can sip on our expensive wines as you wait for the meat to cook.

    Apart from drinks, you also need to have enough food stock. You can use your fridge to store those perishable veggies, fruits, and also the remaining foodstuff to avoid wastage. Youll badly need them as accompaniments to your drinks.

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