What To Do With Old Grill

Removegrate Rocks And Flame Bar

Turn old gas grill into useful driveway work bench

Next, remove the grate,rocks, and flame bar to effectively clean/de-grease the grill. If the grillrocks are covered in grease, replace them with new rocks or briquettes. Removethe vapor bar or flame spreader

Thoroughly clean theinterior of your grill to remove excess grease and debris. You can do this byusing a damp rag. Avoid scraping your grill with a sharp edge, as this cancause further damage.

Clean Your Grill Directly After Each Use

We know its a pain, and youd rather listen to the siren call of beer and hot dogs, but cleaning your grill of grease and burnt-on food directly after use is both hygienic and an excellent way to stop rust forming.

If you have a stainless steel grill, avoid using a wire brush to clean it as this will strip the coating off the steel and leave it vulnerable to corrosion.

Gas Valves Control Knobs And Wheels

Most gas valves are made from aluminium or brass. These are metals that can be recycled when disposed properly or sold out to scrap metal dealers. Control knobs made from plastic can also be recycled, and if they are made from metal, you can dispose of them in your domestic waste pick up bin.

Finally, most barbeque wheels are made from plastic that can be recycled with other plastic materials, whereas casters can be disposed of with regular garbage in the house.

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Grill Parts You Cant Just Throw Away

Anything electrical or flame-creating, such as the ignition button and sparks, must be removed from the grill and disposed of properly throwing them away could result in prosecution. Look up your local government regulations to be sure you properly dispose of these components.

The heated charcoal bricks inside the grill need to be removed and destroyed by burning. This can be done in the back yard, or by simply leaving the grill lit until all of the bricks are gone.

WARNING: Be sure to supervise either process to avoid larger fires from igniting and spreading.

How To Prepare Your Old Gas Grill For Recycling

7 Best Answers On How To Recycle A Grill

While these are practical general guidelines for disposing of old BBQ grills and preparing your old gas grill for recycling or disposal, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional to safely dispose of your old gas grill for you to ensure you recycle gas grills properly.

Be extremely careful! Both the gas and flame are highly dangerous. Never turn the knob on full blast or use a large flame to light the grill.

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What Happens To Old And Discarded Grills And Smokers

Though the statistics above are certainly good news for the companies that make and manufacture grills and smokers, what exactly happens to those old grills and smokers that get replaced on an average of every three years? With some grills and smokers weighing well over 100 pounds, getting rid of an old grill is not as easy as simply taking it out to the curb for regular trash pickup.

In fact, many grills many contain certain components that are simply not accepted at the local landfill. In the specific case of gas grills, old propane tanks are generally accepted at landfill sites. Furthermore, electric grills will most likely contain several electronic elements, which may classify them as electronic waste . E-waste is a growing problem around the country, as the heavy metals and other elements can be classified as toxic waste when not properly disposed of.

Simply taking your own grill or smoker out to the curb in hopes that the garbage truck will pick it up will usually not be successful. In the worst case scenario, you may even be the recipient of a fine for illegal dumping practices. In order to properly and legally get rid of your old grill or smoker you´ll need to follow the ensuing steps:

Use Gso Collects Below To Learn What Goes Where Download Collection Schedules And More

The City offers trash collection to over 83,000 residential and business locations. If you have issues or questions about your collection, including:

  • Missed Collections
  • Yard Waste
  • Bulk Collection

Report the issue through our online web tool GSO Collects, or download the app on the iOS or stores or call 336-373-CITY .

Items that should never be put in your trash container include:

  • Yard waste
  • Household hazardous waste, such as paint, gasoline, antifreeze, and batteries. Take these items to the HHW Collection Center.
  • Electronic waste, such as televisions, laptops, printers, and phones. Take these items to the HHW Collection Center.
  • Tires

White Street Landfill & Solid Waste Transfer Station

Holiday Collection Schedule – Your collection schedule may change during holiday weeks.

Education – To learn how solid waste is managed in Greensboro, request an educational program or tour the Solid Waste Transfer Station, White Street Landfill and/or ReCommunity recycling center by filling out this form.

Solid Waste Regulations – Questions about solid waste ordinances should be sent to .

Assistance Needed? If you have a disability or difficulty moving your residential trash container to and from the curb, contact the City’s Contact Center at 336-373-CITY .

For all other questions, please call or the Contact Center at 336-373-CITY .

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Saying Goodbye To Your Old Grill

While it may be hard to say goodbye to your old grill, remember that LoadUp can make it a lot less painful!

Since youre getting rid of your old gas grill, if youre in the market for a new one, check out our article on How to Buy the Perfect Grill.

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  • No on-site haggling or surprise fees.
  • Payments handled securely online.

Old Barbeque Recycling And Disposal

Do this before your first grill! Season your grill! Old Smokey

Theres nothing quite like cooking food on an outdoor grill. Its even more exciting when youve got a brand new grill to test out! But what do you do with your old grill when you dont need it anymore? If youre looking for a way to recycle your old BBQ, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is happy to help!

Theres no need to search for where to dispose of old barbecues on your own. Let us take care of your BBQ removal for you!

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Can I Leave My Grill Out For Regular Garbage Collection

It is not recommended to leave a grill out for regular garbage collection for a few reasons. First, there are so many recyclable things within a grill that it just makes sense to recycle them.

Also, the scrap metal parts could earn you a few dollars and be the green choice.

Leaving a grill out for regular garbage collection will result in many grills filling up our landfills and contributing to a waste problem.

What Do I Do With Old Gasoline Tanks

Before you get rid of your old grill or BBQ, youll need to remove the propane tank. While 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can safely remove your old grill and other components, were often not able to remove old propane tanks.

Many recycling depots, transfer stations, and landfills are able to accept old propane tanks for disposal. Its best to check with your local recycling center first to see if they can be recycled in your area. If not, you may need to drop it off at a landfill or transfer station yourself.

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Turning It Into Compost

Transforming your old grilling charcoal into compost can be a great way of reusing coals.

One of the benefits of doing so is increasing the carbon content inside your compost.

Itll only take one or two pieces of charcoal to improve your carbon content, so dont worry about wasting too many. Once the carbon is increased, organic matter will be broken down easier thanks to the energy provided to the microorganisms.

How To Throw Away A Gas Grill

Keep Calm and KERRI On: Upcycle an Old Grill into a Container Garden

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Can you take a grill to the dump to throw it away? In most cases, the answer is no. You cannot drop it off somewhere or leave it outside for trash or regular recycling pickup. You should recycle them, but gas grill removals require an extra step since they have propane tanks.

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Cleaning And Maintaining Gas Grills

You might not need to dispose of your gas grill if you can clean it well enough. Consumer Reports recommends cleaning it before the start of a new season. Open it, clean up any spiderwebs, remove debris, reconnect the tank and open the valve. Then, you’ll want to spritz its flexible gas line using a mix of dish soap and water. If you see bubbles, you might have a leak. Should this happen, order a replacement gas line and test it the same way after installing it.

Before using the grill, heat it for 15 minutes and brush the grates. Empty the drip tray after every use and use a stainless steel brush to scrape away from the lid’s inside. Scrub the grill’s inside, including the burner covers, with a scouring pad and soapy water when it gets dirty, protecting it with a waterproof, breathable cover when not in use.

If you live in a humid area or near the ocean, leave it uncovered most of the time, or it could rust. Give it a good scrubbing at the end of the season, disconnect the propane tank and store it with the cover on.


  • Some popular hardware store chains will accept old gas tanks.


  • Do not throw away or cut into a gas tank. It is extremely flammable and can explode.

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Removeand Clean/repair The Burner

If your burners are stillfunctional, it may just take a quick clean to get them working as good as new.You can simply remove the burner and venturi tubes to clean them and removerust/debris. You can use a small wire brush to remove rust from the burnerholes.If the rust isexcessive or if the burner holes are completely clogged, you should replaceyour burner.

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How Do I Get Rid Of My Old Barbecue Grill

In most parts of the country, once the garden is put to bed for the winter, the barbecue grill is forgotten until spring. But if your barbecue has seen better days, you may be wondering how to get rid of it instead of how to store it. As is the case for many items, it turns out that getting a new grill is a lot easier than properly disposing of an old one.

Where Can I Dump My Old Bbq

Converting Gas Grill to CHARCOAL BBQ/Smoker

If you have an old barbecue you need to get rid of, its not a good idea to just dump it with your household garbage or near a dumpster. Most parts of old grills can be recycled, so its best to hire a service like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to remove it for you.

Were a full-service junk removal company, which means well take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Well remove your old grill right from where its locatedtheres no need to haul it to the curb or move it on your own. Well safely load your BBQ and any other items you need to get rid of into our truck, and then well sweep up the area before we head out. We always do our best to recycle or donate items where possible, so you can rest easy knowing that your items have been properly disposed of.

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How To Dispose Of An Old Barbecue Gas Grill

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Disposing of an old or damaged barbecue gas grill is not as simple as merely throwing out the unit. Because of the specific and potentially dangerous nature of typical gas grill components, owners of these barbecue grills cant simply put the grill out with the normal household trash. Even if youre trying to be responsible and recycle gas grill parts, certain items, like propane tanks, for example, are not suitable for recycling right away like other recyclable materials you may toss.

Propane tanks are actually considered hazardous waste. You must look into the specific laws for your area before discarding an old propane tank, as in some states is illegal to do so incorrectly. This law can often extend to mandate where you can store used or unused tanks, including dictating whether you can put them inside sheds, under a porch area, or in your garage.

Because of the particular steps involved, the first and most important aspect of getting rid of any barbecue gas grill is recycling the propane tank. The rest of the grill components are disposed of separately and in a specific manner.

How To Fixyour Bbq Grill In 5 Steps

To repair your grill, you will have todismantle the grill to examine the condition of each part and to see how eachoperates. Luckily, your grill is no car engine. It comes apart easily. One canverify quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Once you have identified theissue and have purchased the right replacement parts, you can follow thesteps below to make the repairs.

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How To Dispose Of A Grill

A grill is almost a necessity for homeowners who like to entertain.

Whether you want a charcoal or gas grill, these accessible appliances quickly become the focus of a party.

Grills are an affordable and common way to cook food. This means that there will come a time when you will need to dispose of your grill.

Because they are so common, it is important to know how to dispose of a grill, so they dont end up in a landfill.

Introduction: How To Turn Your Old Grill Into A Planter

What To Do With Old Gas Grill?

After twenty-two years or so, our Globe Café Grill finally stopped working. My husband didnt really want to set it out on the curb for trash pickup, so he asked me what we could do with it. Of course, since I turn everything into a planter, that was my responseLets turn it into a planter for the backyard.so thats what we did.

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How To Dispose Of An Old Bbq Grill

Like dealing with old fitness equipment, you’ll soon discover this isn’t something you can just put on the curb for the local trash collection to pick up and haul away. If you do put it on the curb, don’t count on it being hauled away by your local trash collection agency. The reason is simple — the components are largely considered to be hazardous materials, particularly the old gas tank. You could also consider taking it apart and selling the metal for scrap but that’s usually not worth the time and effort.

Disposing of an old or damaged barbecue gas grill is not as simple as merely throwing out the unit. Because of the specific and potentially dangerous nature of typical gas grill components, owners of these barbecue grills cant simply put the grill out with the normal household trash. Even if youre trying to be responsible and recycle gas grill parts, certain items, like propane tanks for example, are not suitable for recycling right away like other recyclable materials you may toss. —Do It Yourself.com

If you need an old BBQ grill disposal or have other junk to throw out, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. We can help with many things to get you organized.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

If you have rust spots in hard to scrub places, then making a paste of white vinegar and baking soda can help to get rid of it. Mix up a 2-1 ratio of baking soda to vinegar into a thick paste and apply it quickly.

The acid in the vinegar will eat away the rust while the baking soda will react with the acid, causing it foam, which helps it get into all the gaps.

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What To Do With Old Grills


Clean your grill grate, cooking surface, ash pan, and if your grill has one, the grease pan, so that youre not disposing of anything with excess ash, grease, or carbon. A grill brush or bristle brush and a cleaning rag with some warm water will do the job sufficiently for these purposes.


If you have a propane grill, your first step is to remove the propane tank from the rest of the grill. This should just be a matter of taking it off just as you would refill or replace it. Empty propane tanks can still be highly flammable and should not go into the regular garbage. Instead, schedule a pickup from a local recycling center that takes them, or bring it to a junkyard that handles them.


Using your screwdriver where necessary, dismantle the grill and separate the parts into different piles: one for metal and one for plastic parts. This will make it easier to estimate their worth when you scrap them.



Any parts you dont scrap should be recycled. If you have curbside recycling, you can leave those parts with your garbage, though separated. Otherwise, youll have to take them to a recycling center yourself. If there isnt one locally available, your last option is to contact your garbage collection company and notify them that youll be leaving them potentially hazardous materials.


Take all of the scrappable pieces to your local scrap metal center or to a recycling center that buys scrap metal.




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